When was the first high school basketball game?

When was the first high school basketball game?

Back in 1892 at the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in Springfield, Massachusetts, James A. Naismith wanted to find an exciting game that could be played inside during cold, wintry days. One day he finally came up with an idea.

What was the first ever basketball game?

The first public game of basketball was played in a YMCA gymnasium and was recorded by the Springfield Republican on March 12th, 1892. The instructors played against the students. Around 200 spectators attended to discover this new sport they had never heard of or seen before.

When was the first basketball game held in public?

March 11, 1892
The first public basketball game was played in Springfield, Massachusetts, on March 11, 1892.

Which college has the first basketball game?

What might have been the first-ever college basketball game was played Feb. 9, 1895, between host Hamline University and the Minnesota State School of Agriculture in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Who was the first basketball player to dunk?

Bob “Foothills” Kurland
In 1944, college basketball saw its first-ever dunk, when Oklahoma A&M’s Bob “Foothills” Kurland dunked by accident.

What is original name of basketball?

basket ball
In spite of student suggestions that he call the game “Naismith Ball,” the modest inventor gave the sport a two-word moniker—“basket ball.” In an article that ran in the January 15, 1892, edition of The Triangle, which was distributed to YMCAs around the country, Naismith detailed his 13 rules for a “new game of ball” …

What was the score of the first basketball game?

As mentioned, the game was first played on December 21, 1891. This inaugural game was played with nine players on each team and after 30 minutes total of play (two fifteen minute halves) the final score was 1-0, fitting for a game played with a soccer ball.

Where was the first high school basketball tournament held?

In 1899, Englewood High formed the first permanent high-school boys’ team and met Elgin High the following year for the first interscholastic high-school boys’ contest held in Illinois. The boys’ game grew rapidly and 1908 saw the inauguration of the first boys’ state tournament, held at Oak Park High School.

When did girls start playing basketball in Illinois?

High-school basketball in Illinois flourished first as a girls’ sport. In the fall of 1895, Austin High girls started a team and played against college squads. On December 18, 1896, they met Oak Park in the first interscholastic high-school basketball contest in Illinois.

When did basketball start to be accepted as a sport?

Within three years, basketball started being accepted as not just a fun game to play indoors, but a legitimate sport in its own right.

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