Where can I find a description of Abu Simbel?

Where can I find a description of Abu Simbel?

A detailed early description of the temples, together with contemporaneous line drawings, can be found in Edward William Lane ‘s Description of Egypt (1825–1828). The statue of Ramses the Great at the Great Temple of Abu Simbel is reassembled after having been moved in 1967 to save it from flooding.

When was the temple of Abu Simbel built?

Abu Simbel Temple on the Nile, for instance, was built in sandstone about 1250 bc for Ramses II (in the 1960s it was cut apart and moved to higher ground for preservation before flooding from the Aswān High Dam). Even more elaborate temples were later…

What is the temperature in Abu Simbel Egypt?

Abu Simbel is located in one of the warmest and driest regions of Egypt. In the summer months, the high temperatures are easily 40 °C on average.

What was the relationship between Egypt and Abu Simbel?

“The waxing and waning of Egypt’s strength can be traced through its relations with Nubia. When strong kings ruled a united land, Egyptian influence extended into Nubia; when Egypt was weak, its southern border stopped at Aswan,” writes Egyptologist Zahi Hawass in his book “The Mysteries of Abu Simbel” (American University in Cairo Press, 2000).

How is Abu Simbel connected to Aswan Governorate?

Abu Simbel is linked to the governorate capital of Aswan by a road that passes west of Lake Nasser, through the Libyan Desert. It is used predominantly by tour buses bringing visitors to the Abu Simbel temples, but it also has importance for the irrigation projects in the parts of the desert situated near the reservoir.

Where are the Twin Temples of Abu Simbel?

Sitting on the bank of Lake Nasser is one of Egypt’s most striking monuments, the twin temples of Abu Simbel. Built by Ramesses II over 3,000 years ago, these temples have stood the test of time.

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