Where can I find the deeds of Schlesien zu Breslau?

Where can I find the deeds of Schlesien zu Breslau?

In addition to the deed and mortgage records deposited at the courts (Amtsgerichte) a prime and practically unknown source is the Generalkommission für Schlesien zu Breslau with records deposited at the state archives in Wroclaw and comprising 42,400 volumes for the years 1769, 1816-1928. Gazetteers and Maps Gazetteers

What is the name of the district office in Liegnitz?

A Liegnitz [self]- The Amtsbezirk for Liegnitz is itself. The Amtsbezirk is the District Office. kath. K. 2- Liegnitz has 2 katholisch Kirche (Catholic Churches). ev. K. 3- Liegnitz has 3 evangelisch Kirche (Protestant Churches). Syn 1- Liegnitz has 1 Synagoge (Synagogue).

When did Liegnitz become part of the Kingdom of Prussia?

In 1742 most of Silesia, including Liegnitz, became part of the Kingdom of Prussia after King Frederick the Great’s defeat of Austria in the War of the Austrian Succession. In 1760 during the Seven Years’ War, Liegnitz was the site of the Battle of Liegnitz when Frederick’s army defeated an Austrian army led by Laudon .

Where can I find the Meyers Gazetteer for Liegnitz?

The historical entry for Liegnitz, Schlesien, Preussen, including parish and jurisdiction information, in the Meyers Gazetteer of the German Empire also known as Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs. Liegnitz GAZETTEER HELP Liegnitz

Who was the Catholic leader of Upper Silesia?

In the 16th century, large parts of Silesia had turned Protestant, promoted by reformers like Caspar Schwenckfeld. After the 1620 Battle of White Mountain, the Catholic Emperors of the Habsburg dynasty forcibly re-introduced Catholicism, led by the Jesuits.

Where can I find Schlesien records over 100 years old?

They are listed in the Gazetteer of Polish People’s Republic Localities. The full title is SPIS MIEJSCOWOSCI POLSKIEJ RZECZYPOSPOLITEJ LUDOWEJ, published in Warsaw 1968, and on LDS microfilm #844,922. Standesamt records over 100 years old are archived in Polish State Archives (see Polish Archives below).

Where was the German province of Upper Silesia?

The German province of Upper Silesia was conquered by the Soviet Red Army from February until the end of March 1945 during World War II ‘s Lower and Upper Silesian Offensives. The post-war Potsdam Agreement granted the entire province’s territory to the People’s Republic of Poland; the territory is now in the Polish Opole and Silesian Voivodeships.

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