Where is the IEMA office in Illinois located?

Where is the IEMA office in Illinois located?

IEMA Main Office (217) 782-2700. 24-hour Response (800) 782-7860. TTY 888-614-2381​​. 2200 South Dirksen Parkway.

What do you need to know about IEMA?

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Who are the Green champions at the IEMA?

Green champions can help to engage your workforce in environmental issues and in this session Rebecca Garner will provide insight on establishing a ‘green champions’ network in your organisation. Book now June/July’s Transform is out now!

Which is the IEMA Journal for marine impact assessment?

IEMA’s IA Outlook Journal v10: Marine and Coastal Impact Assessment is out now, providing valuable insights for practitioners undertaking coastal and marine consenting and impact assessment. Download now

Who is the head of Policy at IEMA?

The Environmental Audit Committee is running an inquiry on improving sustainability of the built environment sector. IEMA provided written evidence for this as IEMA’s Head of Policy Ben Goodwin explains…

How do I log in to my IEMA account?

After the Agency has received the application, applicants will receive an email with an Accreditation number and link to login and pay by credit card. Once logged-in, the screen will display the applicant’s (profile) name, address, email and status, with an ability to update or add an address or email.

Is the IEMA an international or national organisation?

IEMA is an international membership organisation, committed to global sustainability.

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