Which Airport is closest to Alpe d Huez?

Which Airport is closest to Alpe d Huez?

The nearest airports to Alpe d’Huez are:

  • Grenoble Airport – Grenoble Airport is the closest to Alpe d’Huez: approx 90-minute drive, 105 km.
  • Chambery Airport – France.
  • Lyon St Exupery Airport – France.
  • Lyon Saint-Etienne-Boutheon Airport – France.
  • Geneva Airport – Switzerland.
  • Turin Caselle Airport – Italy.

How to get to Alpe d Huez France?

Top 4 ways to get to Alpe d’Huez

  1. Flying to Grenoble or Geneva + Airport transfer. In our experience, the best way to get to Alpe d’Huez is to fly to Grenoble or Geneva and then get an airport transfer.
  2. Driving.
  3. Train to Grenoble.
  4. Coach or long-distance bus.

How do I get to Alpe d’Huez by train?

By Train. If you like to travel by train, the best option is to take the Eurostar to Paris, and then change to the direct TGV to Grenoble. This will require a taxi ride in Paris from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon. From Grenoble you can take the bus up to Alpe d’Huez, which takes just over an hour.

What airlines fly to Chambery?

Flights to Chambery

  • Stansted. British Airways flies from Stansted to Chambery on Saturdays and Sundays through the winter season.
  • London City. British Airways flies from London City to Chambery up to three times a week through the winter season.
  • Manchester.

Which UK airports fly to Grenoble?

Fly to Grenoble-Isėre Airport (GNB) from London Gatwick (LGW) and London Heathrow in just 1 hour 45 minutes and embrace the snow-capped French Alps on unforgettable ski holidays.

Which airport do you fly to for Val Thorens?

The closest airport to Val Thorens is Chambery, but it has a limited choice of airlines and flights. Geneva (GVA) is the next closest airport, followed by Grenoble (GNB) then Lyon (LYS). The transfer time to Val Thorens is just over 3 hours, although this depends on the traffic and weather.

What airlines fly Chambery?

How do I get to Grenoble from UK?

The cheapest way to get from London to Grenoble is to bus and ferry and bus which costs £40 – £60 and takes 16h 34m. What is the fastest way to get from London to Grenoble? The quickest way to get from London to Grenoble is to train and fly which costs £65 – £240 and takes 5h 45m.

Is Val Thorens good for beginners?

Val Thorens has always had quite a good offer for beginners simply because its high altitude means that all season long it’s very convenient for first-timers to get on the nursery slopes without the hassle that can be the case at older, lower altitude resorts.

How much is a beer in Val Thorens?

5 to 6 euros for a pint of lager/beer. 4 to 9 euros for spirits. Cocktails could range from 6 up to 12 euros.

How do I get to Grenoble?

Grenoble can easily be reached by train from most parts of France. Fast TGV trains make the railways the best option when traveling from Paris while cheaper local trains give direct connections to closer centers such as Lyon and Annecy.

Is Val Thorens a good ski resort?

Val Thorens is one of the best known resorts in the Alps, and with good reason. The skiing really is second to none, with an astounding range of on and off piste terrain to explore, all served by modern lifts. The apres, both on the off the snow is lively, though expensive.

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