Which is the most famous Durga puja pandal in Kolkata?

Which is the most famous Durga puja pandal in Kolkata?

The 10 Famous Kolkata Durga Puja Pandals are: Ekdalia Evergreen: Set up in 1943, it is famous for replicating temples from all over India through its artwork. It is located in Gariaghat, to the south of the city. Bagbazar: Located in North Kolkata, along with the river. it is about 100 years old and focuses on simplicity and traditional rituals

Which is the Seventh day of Durga Puja?

This takes place on the seventh day, when early in the morning; a small banana plant called Kola Bou is taken to the river to be bathed and dressed in a red-bordered sari and carried back in a procession to be placed near the idol of the Goddess.

Which is the best pandal to visit in Kolkata?

The Pandal is dotted with a number of various idols of goddess Durga which creates a vibrantly spiritual ambience inside the temple which can only be experienced if you visit there. This particular Pandal decorations is one of the more classically inclined structures in Kolkata which should definitely be visited.

How tall is the tallest Durga Puja Idol?

It has once also featured the tallest Durga idol which stands tall at a height of 88 feet and was a show stopper during that time. ever since then the Pandals Durga Maa idol has always been one of the most awaited ones. This year a 1,000-armed idol of Maa Durga will be seen in action, slaying Mahishasur who is represented by an idol of 40 feet.

How does Durga Puja art help poor people?

For poor artisans, Durga Puja art is more than just a creative outlet. It is an opportunity to improve lives and social status. Kuila says what pandal makers earn during the two-three months of Pujas far outstrips the annual income made from farming.

When does work start on Durga puja pandal in Medinipur?

In Medinipur alone, there are an estimated 100 pandal-making groups, also called decorators, who have made a name for themselves, according to leading pandal artist Gouranga Kuila. Work on the pandal usually starts six to eight months ahead of Durga Puja, right after the contracts are signed in January-February.

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