Which lga is Dungog in?

Which lga is Dungog in?

Dungog Shire Mid-Coast Council
Dungog, New South Wales

Dungog New South Wales
Location 215 km (134 mi) N of Sydney 76 km (47 mi) NNW of Newcastle 52 km (32 mi) NNE of Maitland 51 km (32 mi) N of Raymond Terrace
LGA(s) Dungog Shire Mid-Coast Council
Region Hunter
County Durham

Which Council is Dungog?

Dungog Shire Council
Dungog Shire was formed on 1 July 1958 through the amalgamation of Wallarobba Shire with the Municipality of Dungog. The mayor of the Dungog Shire Council is Clr. John Connors, an independent politician….Dungog Shire.

Dungog Shire New South Wales
Federal Division(s) Lyne
Website Dungog Shire

What LGA is Gloucester?

The ‘Gloucester’ local government area is classified as an ‘Area’. The Gloucester local government area includes around 31 cities, towns, villages and localities including Gloucester (pop….Local government area for Gloucester, NSW.

Name Distance (km)
Nabiac 40.3 km
Wingham 41.5 km
Tinonee 43.4 km
Stroud 43.9 km

What is dungog postcode?

Dungog/Postal codes

What council is tea gardens in?

MidCoast Council
MidCoast Council – Tea Gardens District Office.

How old is Gloucester NSW?

Settlement occurred in the 1830s. The township of Gloucester was first established in 1855, primarily for sheep farming, however it became apparent that the land was not entirely suitable. The main industries of the Gloucester area are tourism, timber, and cattle farming.

What council is Woodberry?

Maitland City Council
Woodberry | Maitland City Council.

Is Maitland a regional area?

Maitland is situated in the Lower Hunter region of New South Wales. As the town continued to grow to become an important regional centre in the colony, development of rail and road corridor created an abundance of transport options.

Where can I find Dungog Shire Council maps?

View Council’s maps, including streets, property information, zoning, environmental and flooding information. The mapping information displayed on this site has been provided to the public to assist in the determination of land details within the Dungog Shire Local Government Area.

Is the city of Dungog in the Hunter Region?

The Shire of Dungog is part of the Hunter Region and the Lower Hunter Sub-Region and is bound by Mid-Coast Council to the North-East, Singleton Shire to the West, Upper Hunter Shire to the North-West and by Port Stephens Shire and the City of Maitland to the South.

What is the average rainfall in Dungog Shire?

Rainfall, particularly in the south of the Shire, is variable and largely affected by coastal weather patterns. Rainfall in the north of the Shire is influenced by the mountainous terrain. The average rainfall in the Barrington Tops area is 2500mm, with the average in the south of the Shire being 900-1000mm.

When did the Shires of Scotland become counties?

Under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1889, thirty-four county councils were formed. The areas governed by these councils, referred to as “administrative counties”, resembled the traditional shires of Scotland, but not entirely. Exclaves were abolished, with the exception of one exclave of Dunbartonshire.

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