Which test series is best for SSC exams?

Which test series is best for SSC exams?

Top 11 Best SSC CGL Test Series – Free and Paid

  • Test series by GradeUp (Free)
  • Test series by Testbook (Free)
  • Test series by Byju’s (Free)
  • Test series by Career Power (Paid)
  • Test series by Adda247 (Paid)
  • Test series by Oliveboard (Free & Paid)
  • Test series by Toprankers/SureShot (Free)
  • Test series by Ixambee (Free)

Which app is best for SSC mock test?

#CareerBytes: Five best mobile apps for SSC CGL exam preparation

  • Gradeup is one of the most popular exam preparation platforms.
  • Adda 247 offers material in English and Hindi.
  • The Testbook Exam Preparation App is one of the best.
  • Career Lift offers SSC CGL & CHSL Exam Prep app.
  • SSC CGL 2019 English is another useful app.

Is Oliveboard Test series good for SSC CGL?

Oliveboard is one of the most popular and renowned names when it comes to preparing for banking exams and government jobs exams. The SSC CGL is one of the toughest and most competitive entrance examinations there is, and if you are looking to crack it then Oliveboard is your best guide.

What is test series and mock test?

Mock tests & Test Series are two powerful tools to prepare your students for exams. The key difference between test series & mock-test reports are: Test series reports gives detailed analysis across multiple tests whereas. Mock-test reports gives a detailed analysis of a particular test.

Which test series is best for UPSC?

One of the best Prelims Test Series available for UPSC aspirants is that of Rau’s IAS Study Circle which is the leading institute in the country with domain experience of seven decades. Rau’s IAS Prelims Test Series is unequivocally the best and has proven record in the past.

Is gradeup test series good?

I turned to gradeup and I’m glad I did. The lectures and various initiative like impulse were a consistent support and kept me on track. The test series helped me assess my prep and made sure I could rectify my recurrent problems. In my opinion test Series is a must for every GATE aspirant.

How should I start preparing for SSC?

How to Prepare General Intelligence and Reasoning for SSC CGL Exam 2020-21 Tier 1

  1. Solve SSC CGL Practice Set of last year’s question papers as much as possible.
  2. Practice GI and Reasoning questions every day.
  3. Topics like puzzles, figure-based questions, analogy, coding-decoding, series, are particularly scoring.

Which app is best for test?

Best Exam Prep Apps for Students

  • 3) My Study Life (free; Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome)
  • 4) Quizlet (free; Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome)
  • 5) Google Drive (free; Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome)
  • 6) Forest (free; Android, iOS)
  • 7) Todait (free; Android, iOS)
  • 8) StudyBlue (free; Android, iOS)
  • 9) XMind (paid; Android, iOS)

How do I get an Oliveboard Test series for free?

Attempt the free English mock tests provided for different banking and government exam preparation. Step 2: Register/Login into the Bank Exam Page of Oliveboard (Enter the details asked). Step 3: You will find the English Tests section on the left side. Click on the Take Test and attempt a the free mock tests.

What are the best online test series for bank exams?

Best Test Series for Bank Exams 2021

  • Oliveboard Mock Test Series Links.
  • Guidely Mock Test Series Links.
  • Practice Mock Test Series Links.
  • Gradeup Mock Test Series Links.

Is Allen test my prep free?

The app is available for free download in the Google Play Store. The application is backed by ALLEN’s OnlineTestSeries.in.

Does mock test marks matter?

Mocks basically help you get confidence and help you to improve your question solving skills. It also trains our mind to sit for 3 hrs and and solve tge paper within time. Mocks do not tells us what we will be scoring in the exam but it is to help us score in the exam. All the best for your exams.

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