Who are the actors in Conan the Barbarian?

Who are the actors in Conan the Barbarian?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification Jason Momoa Conan Stephen Lang Khalar Zym Rachel Nichols Tamara Ron Perlman Corin Rose McGowan Marique

Is the movie Conan the Barbarian based on a true story?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Conan the Barbarian is a 2011 American sword and sorcery film based on the character of the same name created by Robert E. Howard. The film is a new interpretation of the Conan mythology, and is not related to the films featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How did Conan the Barbarian get his wife?

Conan and Tamara are trapped on a bridge as Zym attacks. He uses the mask’s power to call forth the spirit of his deceased wife, Maliva, a powerful sorceress, and her spirit begins to possess Tamara’s body. She begs Conan to let her fall, but he instead destroys the bridge before jumping to safety with Tamara.

What was the error code for Conan the Barbarian?

(Error Code: 102630) A vengeful barbarian warrior sets off to get his revenge on the evil warlord who attacked his village and murdered his father when he was a boy. Take a look ahead at some of our most anticipated superhero movies coming in 2021 and beyond.

Cast overview, first billed only: Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan James Earl Jones Thulsa Doom Max von Sydow King Osric (as Max Von Sydow) Sandahl Bergman Valeria Ben Davidson Rexor

What does Conan say in the German version?

More spoken dialogue is added for Conan in the German DVD version. In the beginning, when his life is told after being released from the wheel, he is offered a woman to sleep with him. In the original he doesn’t say a word, but in the German version you hear him saying “Don’t be afraid.

How did Conan the Barbarian become a man?

Chained to the perpetual Wheel of Pain, the helpless boy grows into a man, and after years of rigorous training as a fierce gladiator, Conan, now an unstoppable mountain of muscle, regains his precious freedom.

The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Earl Jones, and tells the story of a young muscular barbarian warrior named Conan (Schwarzenegger), who seeks vengeance for the death of his parents at the hands of Thulsa Doom (Jones), the leader of a snake cult.

Where do Conan and Subotai go in Conan the Barbarian?

Following the witch’s advice, Conan and Subotai go to the city of Zamora to seek out Doom. There, they meet Valeria, a female brigand. They raid the Tower of the Serpent, stealing jewels and other valuables (Including the greatest jewel of all: The Eye of the Serpent) from a shrine, and slaying a giant snake in the process.

How did Conan the Barbarian get his revenge?

Conan asks Crom, the god of his people, to grant him revenge. By using booby traps and exploiting the terrain, they manage to slay Doom’s warriors (Including Thorgrim) when they arrive. Just when Doom’s lieutenant, Rexor, is about to overcome Conan, Valeria reappears for a brief moment as a Valkyrie to save him from the mortal blow.

How much money did Conan the Barbarian make?

Despite this, the film became a commercial success for its backers, grossing between $68.9 million and $79.1 million at box offices around the world against its budget of only $20 million. However, the revenue fell short of the level that would qualify the film as a blockbuster .

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