Who are the actors in the movie Mausam?

Who are the actors in the movie Mausam?

Mausam ( transl. Season) is a 2011 Indian romantic drama film written and directed by Pankaj Kapur under the Vistaar Religare Film Fund banner. The film stars Shahid Kapoor, opposite Sonam Kapoor in the lead roles. The film was originally scheduled to release on 16 September 2011, but due to the delay in obtaining…

Who is the author of the book Mausam?

In early August 2010, Nawman Malik claimed that the title Mausam is registered under his name and filed a complaint with the Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programme Producers. He was also claiming that the story of Mausam is his.

What was the budget of the movie Mausam?

The film made with the budget of 380 million, opened good at the box office but collections fell on after a week at release of force and the film grossed Rs. 316 million in India. It collected ₹45 crore (US$6.3 million) gross in its first week and ended its lifetime collections with ₹740 million (US$10 million) gross worldwide.

Who is Harinder in the movie Mausam?

Aayat’s mother is murdered by the militants, thus forcing her father Ghulam Rasool (Kamal Chopra) and her Chacha Maharaj Kishan ( Anupam Kher) to send her along with her aunt to Mallukot. In Mallukot, Aayat meets a young happy-go-lucky boy named Harinder ‘Harry’ Singh ( Shahid Kapoor ).

Credited cast: Shahid Kapoor Harinder Singh / Harry Sonam Kapoor Aayat Anupam Kher Maharaj Krish Supriya Pathak Fatimah Bua

How to watch Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor movie?

Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information.

Circa 1992 Mallukot-based Harinder falls head-over-heels in love with Aayat, who has come to live there with her Bua, Fatimah, from Kashmir. Hoping to woo and marry her, despite of receiving romantic overtures from village belle, Lajjo, he, instead faces heartbreak following the attack on Babri Masjid by right-wing Hindu extremists.

How did Harinder and Aayat meet in Mausam?

Seeking safety in Bombay, Aayat re-locates there with her father and Bua. The couple are then fated to meet in Scotland during 1999 where Harinder is now an Indian Air Force Pilot and Aayat is a ballet dancer. Both meet and re-kindle their romance, as well as set a date for their wedding.

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