Who is Exuberant Halo?

Who is Exuberant Halo?

031 Exuberant Witness is a Forerunner monitor that was tasked by the Builders with maintaining the Genesis installation.

What is the name of the monitor in Halo5?

031 Exuberant Witness was the Monitor of the Genesis installation and, therefore, had total control over its functions. This changed when Cortana arrived.

What is Genesis Halo?

Genesis, also known as Nomos II, is a Forerunner shield world, the second planet in the Nomos system, artificially constructed by the Builders. It housed a secret Gateway into the Domain and regularly produced “seed worlds” under the direction of its monitor, 031 Exuberant Witness.

Who is the monitor of Installation 00?

000 Tragic Solitude
000 Tragic Solitude, often referred to simply as Solitude, was a Forerunner monitor that served as the caretaker of Installation 00.

What are the monitors Halo?

Monitors are highly advanced Artificial intelligence constructs created by the Forerunners over one hundred thousand years ago to occupy special positions in Forerunner society.

What happened planet Reach?

Although the planet was defended by the UNSC for several weeks, Reach eventually fell to the Covenant, resulting in the planet’s glassing in one of the most decisive defeats suffered by humanity over the course of the Human-Covenant War and the demise of the majority of its population.

Who were the precursors in Halo?

The Precursors were a Lovecraftian-esque race of beings preceding and possibly mythologized by the Forerunners, who believed them to be theoretical “Transsentient” beings, having the ability to travel among galaxies and accelerate the evolution of intelligent life.

Who are the monitors in the halo system?

Each Halo’s monitor commands the Sentinels and other subsidiary defense and maintenance drones based on the installation they oversee. However, despite their post as caretakers of their given facility, the Halo installation monitors do not have the authority to use all available defenses to engage outside threats.

Who is 031 Exuberant Witness in Halo Alpha?

031 Exuberant Witness is the monitor of the Genesis facility. Like most Forerunner Monitors, Exuberant Witness exhibits the standard pleasant tone and general lack of emotional response, happy to refer to everything, including dangerous situations, with little more than mild concern.

What happens to Exuberant Witness after Halo Array?

After the Halo Array’s activation, Exuberant Witness was given complete control of Genesis. With the ecumene dissolved, Exuberant Witness halted Genesis’ normal production of “seed worlds” and the installation entered a dormant state.

What makes a monitor an ancilla in Halo?

A monitor is an advanced artificial intelligence construct, or ancilla, created by the Forerunners to occupy special positions in their society. Monitors are characterized as being embodied in floating robotic casings, in contrast to most ancillas which lack physical form, only appearing as holographic representations.

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