Who is the wife of KR Narayanan?

Who is the wife of KR Narayanan?

Usha Narayananm. 1951–2005
K. R. Narayanan/Wife

Who is India’s first Dalit president?

Elected as vice president in 1992, Narayanan went on to become president in 1997. He was the first person from the Dalit community to hold either post. Narayanan is regarded as an independent and assertive president who set several precedents and enlarged the scope of India’s highest constitutional office.

Where is KR Narayanan buried?

Prithviraj Road cemetery
She was buried at the Prithviraj Road cemetery under the Delhi Cemeteries Committee. A tomb was constructed for Narayanan at the cemetery. The report quoted committee secretary Paul V Joshwa as saying the tomb was constructed with government sanction.

Is KR Narayanan alive?

Deceased (1921–2005)
K. R. Narayanan/Living or Deceased

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In which year KR Narayanan died?

November 9, 2005
K. R. Narayanan/Date of death

Where did K.R.Narayanan get married to?

K.R. Narayanan: Personal Life When he was working in Rangoon, Burma, he met Ma Tint Tint and on June 8, 1951, the couple married in Delhi. As per the Indian law, their marriage needed special dispensation from Nehru (Narayanan was in the IFS and Ma was a foreigner). Ma Tint Tint became an Indian citizen and changed her name to Usha Narayanan.

Who is the father of K.R.Narayanan?

K.R. Narayanan was born in present-day Uzhavoor, Kerala, India to Kocheril Raman Vaidyar and Punnaththuraveettil Paappiyamma, belonging to Pulaya caste. His father was a practitioner of Ayurveda. The members of this caste were assigned to pluck the coconuts as per the caste system.

Where is the tombstone of k your Narayanan?

(Express Photo/Praveen Khanna) A tombstone at the Christian Cemetery on Prithviraj Road in the heart of New Delhi, bearing the names of K R Narayanan and his wife Usha Narayanan, made a Kerala TV channel and a daily, both backed by the RSS, claim that the former President was “converted” to Christianity “after his death”.

When did K.R.Narayanan retire from the IFS?

Narayanan’s diplomatic career proceeded as follows: During his diplomatic career, Narayanan also taught at the Delhi School of Economics (DSE) (1954), and was Jawaharlal Nehru fellow (1970–72). He retired from the IFS in 1978.

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