Who makes Pramac Generators?

Who makes Pramac Generators?

Generac Holdings
Generac Holdings, manufacturer of power generation equipment and other engine-powered products, has signed an agreement to acquire a majority share of PR Industrial S.r.l. and its subsidiaries, owner of the Pramac brand.

Can I leave my generator running all night?

Running the generator too close to the home. But for a portable, the threat from carbon monoxide—an odorless, invisible gas—can be deadly. Keep it away from any doors and windows. Never run it in a garage, even if the doors are open.

Which is the best generator to buy from Pramac?

The choice and quality of Pramac’s products means there is always a generator for your needs. Other products in the Pramac range include Water Pumps, Power Washers and Welders powered by genuine Honda engines. All PRAMAC Generators offer great value for money enhanced by quality components and rugged quality construction.

When did Pramac become part of Generac group?

2016 saw Pramac become part of the Generac group forming the world’s third largest generator and lighting tower producer. With the support of around 1050 employees and 80 engineers, PRAMAC has developed technological experience, which is second to none.

Who are the partners of Pramac Racing Team?

Pramac continues its UK expansion with five new strategic partners for its Gas Fuelled Generators: Dieselec Thistle Group, Power Electrics, The Generators Company, Regency Power and YLEM Energy Pramac Racing is the Independent Team World Champion in the 2018 MotoGP season.

When did Pramac start as a construction company?

PRAMAC’s history began in 1966, when the Campinoti family founded a construction equipment company. From its inception PRAMAC has continually evolved and transformed, expanding its product portfolio and becoming the global benchmark for the production of generators and warehouse material handling equipment.

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