Who owns Atlas neck brace?

Who owns Atlas neck brace?

Brady Sheren and Brad Mclean both grew up racing MX and in the motorcycle industry, their fathers both were Icons in the Canadian motorcycle industry; Brady’s father, Rick Sheren was the founder of R&M Motorsports, President of Tucker Rocky Canada and President of Mechanix Wear Canada and SIXSIXONE Canada.

Do neck braces really work?

Not surprisingly, the report found Leatt neck braces do work in preventing or reducing injury. Another independent study showed neck braces had a moderate effect, but only if the gap between the helmet and neck brace was less than five centimeters.

Do Pro motocross riders wear neck braces?

Competitive racing requires a helmet and a host of other protective apparel. In motocross, where crashes are so common, it seems baffling to me that a neck brace is not required.

What is the neck Atlas?

The Atlas: The Top Bone in Your Cervical Spine The occipital bone rests upon the atlas, the first bone in your neck. The atlas is named after the Greek God Atlas, who held up the world on his shoulders. A pair of synovial joints, known as the atlanto-occipital joint connect the atlas and your skull.

How do I get my atlas back in place?

With our exercises’ help, you can usually make an atlas correction yourself by loosening and stretching the muscles and fasciae in this area. An atlas blockage can also be located between the atlas vertebra and the underlying axis. And here again, you will notice a headache.

How do you size a neck brace?

You can measure using your thumb on the collar bone and index finger under the chin, then place the distance of this against a ruler. Hold your head at the support level desired to achieve your goals.

Why do pros not wear neck braces?

Action Sports listed some of the many excuses riders give for not wearing a neck brace: they restrict movement, won’t let you look up a hill, will break your clavicle (collarbone), will break your upper back and cause nerve damage or paralysis, the pros don’t wear them, etc.

Why are neck braces bad?

A neck brace is no longer believed to be the best treatment for minor neck sprain. Current practice supports early, gentle movement which is believed to decrease the duration of symptoms and promote healing. The brace prevents movement and as a result may delay healing.

How does the Atlas Air neck brace work?

Each Atlas Air neck brace features 2 height adjustments. Tall pads are included in the box and make fit easier for longer necks, smaller helmets, and/or other needs Aluminum Smart Mounts of the back of each Atlas Brace provide 6 possible settings to find tune the fit around your chest and back.

Who is the creator of the Atlas brace?

With the development team lead by former Supercross and Motocross racer Brady Sheren, team Atlas was able to create a revolutionary new device that aims to solve many of the problematic criteria that exists with neck protection today.

How are Atlas braces different from other braces?

Each Atlas Brace is the smallest overall size compared to the competition, but contacts your body 27% more than the competition – making it smaller, and bigger. Increased surface area contact with the body helps spread out impact forces, with the intent of making their effects less noticeable and/or helping to potentially prevent secondary injuries

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