Who played for the Dallas Cowboys in 1960?

Who played for the Dallas Cowboys in 1960?

1960 Dallas Cowboys Roster

# Player Weight
44 Don Bishop 209
87 Nate Borden 234
51 Tom Braatz 216
77 Byron Bradfute 243

Did Tom Landry ever play football?

Landry was an excellent player in the pros. He was a defensive back, punter and kick returner with the 1949 New York Yankees in the All-America Football Conference and with the New York Giants in the NFL between 1950 and 1955. He recorded 32 career interceptions and had a 40.9-yard punting average.

What year did the Cowboys win Super Bowls?

199627-17 – Pittsburgh Steelers
199430-13 – Buffalo Bills199352-17 – Dallas Cowboys197827-10 – Denver Broncos197224-3 – Miami Dolphins
Dallas Cowboys/NFL championships
The team went on to dominate the NFL for the better part of the decade: the Cowboys of the 1990s won Super Bowls in 1993, 1994, and 1996. Emmitt Smith, 2007. The early part of the next decade saw the franchise decline as its stars retired or left for other teams.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys form?

Dallas Cowboys/Founded

What were the Dallas Cowboys called before?

Dallas Rangers
The team was first known as the Dallas Steers, then the Dallas Rangers. On March 19, 1960, the organization announced that the team name was the Cowboys to avoid confusion with the American Association Dallas Rangers baseball team.

What does Jerry Jones do for a living?

American football playerBusinesspersonEntrepreneur
Jerry Jones/Professions

Was Tom Landry a good football player?

Thomas Wade Landry (September 11, 1924 – February 12, 2000) was an American professional football player and coach. He compiled a 270–178–6 record, the fourth-most wins all-time for an NFL coach, and his 20 career playoff victories are the second most of any coach in NFL history.

When did the Dallas Cowboys join the NFL?

The Dallas Cowboys franchise was founded in 1960 as an expansion team. The team has earned the most postseason appearances (28, which includes another league record of 54 postseason games, winning 32 of them), the most appearances in the NFC Championship Game (14), and the 2nd most Super Bowl appearances (8).

Who are the players on the Dallas Cowboys?

1 Alcender Jackson 2 Tim Jackson 3 Willie Jackson 4 Bradie James 5 Cedric James 6 Vontrell Jamison 7 Garth Jax 8 Jim Jeffcoat 9 Patrick Jeffers 10 Michael Jefferson

Who was the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?

Troy Aikman, quarterback for the Cowboys between 1989 and 2000, led the Cowboys wins in Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX This is a complete list of American football players who have played for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). It includes players that have played at least one game in the NFL regular season.

What was the Dallas Cowboys record in 1975?

The fresh influx of talent helped the Cowboys back to the playoffs in 1975 as a wild card, losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 21–17, in Super Bowl X . Dallas began the 1977 season 8-0, finishing 12–2.

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