Who played Mandela in the film Mandela and de Klerk?

Who played Mandela in the film Mandela and de Klerk?

Mandela and de Klerk is a 1997 made-for-television drama film written by Richard Wesley and directed by Joseph Sargent. The film stars Sidney Poitier and Michael Caine.

Who played the role of Nelson Mandela?

Sidney Poitier, “Mandela and de Klerk” (1997) — The legendary actor portrayed Mandela in 1997 Hallmark TV movie. He co-starred with Michael Caine, who played former South African President F.W. de Klerk, in a story that depicted Mandela’s release from Robben Island and the transition of power between the two men.

Who plays the role of Winnie Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom?

Naomie Harris
Naomie Harris portrays Winnie in the film, which opened in theaters in limited release on Nov. 27. In a new featurette, debuting exclusively here at The Hollywood Reporter, Harris, Elba and director Justin Chadwick speak on the journey of Winnie Mandela that is chronicled in the film.

Why did Mandela and de Klerk win the Nobel Peace Prize?

The Nobel Peace Prize 1993 was awarded jointly to Nelson Mandela and Frederik Willem de Klerk “for their work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime, and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa.”

What did Mandela accomplish with FW de Klerk?

On 10 December 1993, de Klerk and Mandela were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo for their work in ending apartheid. South Africa held its the first universal elections in 1994 from April 26 to 29. De Klerk became deputy president in the government of national unity under Nelson Mandela.

Who was Mandela wife?

Graça Machelm. 1998–2013
Winnie Madikizela-mandelam. 1958–1996Evelyn Masem. 1944–1958
Nelson Mandela/Wife

What happened to Mandela when he left school?

Mandela began his studies for a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University College of Fort Hare but did not complete the degree there as he was expelled for joining in a student protest. By his own admission he was a poor student and left the university in 1952 without graduating.

Is Winnie Mandela still alive?

Deceased (1936–2018)
Winnie Madikizela-mandela/Living or Deceased

What did Mandela fight for?

Former South African president and civil rights advocate Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to fighting for equality—and ultimately helped topple South Africa’s racist system of apartheid. His accomplishments are now celebrated each year on July 18, Nelson Mandela International Day.

Who was president before Mandela?

F. W. de Klerk

F. W. de Klerk OMG DMS
In office 15 August 1989 – 10 May 1994
Preceded by P. W. Botha
Succeeded by Nelson Mandela as President
1st Deputy President of South Africa
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