Who won Mosley vs Vargas?

Who won Mosley vs Vargas?

In a tightly contested battle, Vargas’ left eye became grotesquely swollen and referee Joe Cortez decided to stop the fight in the 10th round to minimize further damage, granting a technical knockout (TKO) victory to Mosley.

What did Mayorga do to Shane Mosley wife?

Mayorga appeared to slap the backside of Mosley’s girlfriend as she leaned forward near the fighters, prompting three-weight world champion Mosley to lunge in to put hands around his throat and spark a brief melee.

How old is Samuel Vargas?

32 years (April 12, 1989)
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How old is Fernando Vargas?

43 years (December 7, 1977)
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Who is Shane Mosley’s girlfriend?

Trista Pisani
Mosley’s girlfriend, Trista Pisani, bent over near Mayorga, who proceeded to give her rear a slap.

Why did Fernando Vargas do poorly against Mosley?

Vargas has stated that fighting at that weight was the reason he did poorly against Mosley in the second fight. Vargas claimed that this would be the last fight of his career regardless of the result. He warned Mayorga that he would not tolerate any insults from him like the ones he hurled at Oscar De La Hoya in their press conferences.

Why was Fernando Vargas suspended for nine months?

Vargas said the steroids were given to him without his knowledge, but he accepted full responsibility. The Nevada Athletic Commission announced on November 20 of 2002 that it would fine Vargas $100,000 because of his use of steroids. Fernando Vargas was suspended for nine months.

When did Fernando Vargas become a professional boxer?

Fernando Javier Vargas (born December 7, 1977) is a Mexican-American former professional boxer who competed from 1997 to 2007.

When did Fernando Vargas lose to Felix Trinidad?

Trinidad vs. Vargas. Vargas lost the title to Félix Trinidad in 2000. Vargas was knocked down twice in the first round, he was able to fight his way back by knocking down Trinidad in the fourth round until finally being knocked out in the 12th and final round.

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