Why does my cricket phone say network locked?

Why does my cricket phone say network locked?

If you have a Cricket phone, it may have been programmed with a lock that prevents it from operating with other compatible wireless networks. The device is designed for use on and is locked to Cricket’s network. The device has not been reported lost or stolen. The device is not associated with a fraudulent account.

What is MCK code?

@hmp3924 A MCK code is to unfreeze the device because the wrong or it’s been type wrong unlock code has been entered to many times. You get a MCK code from the device manufacturer.

What is a PUK code for Cricket?

A PUK code stands for “Personal Unlock Key.” It’s a unique code that is linked to your mobile phone’s SIM card and is usually 8 digits long. You will need the PUK code if you have set a SIM Card lock and entered the wrong passcode 3 times. Your phone will become locked, and you will need the PUK code to unlock it.

What is a Nick code?

When you purchase a cell phone from a mobile provider, the phone is likely to be locked so that you cannot use the device on another network. To obtain your device’s NCK code, you need the phone’s IMEI (unique subscriber identity code). Each phone lists the IMEI in the battery compartment.

Do you need an unlock code for a cricket phone?

In order to Unlock an Cricket Phone to work on another network, you will require a Network Unlock Code (for all devices except iPhone). Most cell phones were built to accept an unlock code to release the lock set by the carriers. These Unlock Codes are unique to your phone’s IMEI number and no two unlocks are the same.

Is there a deductible for a cricket phone?

Your claim, if approved, will have a deductible of between $10-$250, with a limit of 2 claims per 12 months, and a maximum replacement value of $1,500. To add a Cricket Protect plan to your phone, just shop online and add a phone to your shopping cart.

Where do I enter promo code for cricket?

When you reach the “Cart” screen and see your order summary, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find a link that says “Have a promo code?” Click this box to open up a text box, and enter your coupon, then click “Apply Code.” Note that you can only apply one code at a time

What kind of phones can you get with cricket?

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