Are all Yamaha Blaster engines the same?

Are all Yamaha Blaster engines the same?

It is possible to use parts from all of these bikes and build an all-Yamaha water-cooled Blaster engine, or one can simply swap the engines since the engine mounts are nearly identical….Yamaha Blaster.

Manufacturer Yamaha
Bore / stroke 66 mm x 57 mm
Compression ratio 6.6:1
Power 43 Horsepower
Torque 8.9 Foot-Pounds

How long does it take to rebuild a Yamaha Blaster motor?

Registered. A top end rebuild can EASILY be done in 1 day. A full job (top and bottom) can EASILY be done in 2-3 days.

Why was the Yamaha Blaster discontinued?

Because of U.S. government emissions requirements, the Blaster was discontinued for 2007 and was replaced by the entry-level Yamaha Raptor 250cc, which uses a cleaner-burning, less powerful four-stroke engine.

What oil goes in a Yamaha Blaster transmission?

ATF or gear oil or ideally a specialty motorcyle oil designed for 2-stroke gearboxes like Motul Transoil 10w30. For wet clutches thinner is better, and synthetic has some issues. Do NOT use 10w30 motor oil, especially if it says: “Energy Saving”. It will eventually burn your clutch out.

How fast does a Yamaha Blaster 250cc go?

Yamaha Blaster Top Speed At top speed, it can reach about 55 mph. With a little fixing up and maintenance, you can get it to 30 to 40 hp.

How long will a Yamaha Blaster last?

If your top end is only lasting 20-30 hours,its time to get a different machinist,or stop working on your blaster and sell it,then go find a new hobby. This is very true! With the proper tolerances, jetting, and good oil, a Blaster engine will last for years with no problems.

Is a Yamaha Blaster reliable?

They are a fun reliable machine. Trails they do great on. Light, nimble.

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