Are fluorescent ballasts interchangeable?

Are fluorescent ballasts interchangeable?

When considering a ballast for your lamp, make sure they have corresponding ANSI (American National Standards Institute) codes. Matching ANSI codes guarantees that the ballast you chose can be used with your lamp. However, ballasts are often compatible with more than one lamp, and vice versa.

How much does it cost to change a ballast?

The average cost of ballast replacement is $150 for materials and labor. Materials cost an average of $27.50, and labor costs at least $100 to install a ballast replacement. Homeowners often spend $35 per ballast for programmed-start ballast installation and labor.

Can a magnetic ballast be replaced with an electronic ballast?

It is possible to replace a magnetic ballast with an electronic ballast and there are many reasons why you might want to do so.

What does the T8 slimline fluorescent lamp stand for?

The picture is exactly what it is – a replacement fluorescent ballast – part of a fluorescent lamp lighting system. T8 Slimline is a fluorescent lamp type – not LED; the “F” in the number means Fluorescent, 96 how many nominal inches long it is, “T” means tubular, and “8” means how many 1/8ths of an inch the tube is in diameter.

What kind of ballast do I need for a Philips tled lamp?

Curbside pickup available. The Philips Advance Slimline replacement ballast can power one or two 22.5-Watt Philips TLED lamps. This ballast is RoHS compliant. This technology is the optimal choice when upgrading existing linear fluorescent fixtures. I’m looking for an 8wire T8 ballast to replace.

Which is more energy efficient LED or T8 fluorescent?

At this scale, T8 fluorescent is as energy efficient as LED, and less expensive. If you choose to go with an LED system, then it requires a “driver”, not a “ballast” and the driver is sometimes incorporated into the lamp itself.

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