Can I sand my own hardwood floors?

Can I sand my own hardwood floors?

Sanding wood floors is a time consuming but relatively easy procedure. Sanding wood floors & refinishing yourself will definitely save money, and even an inexperienced homeowner can likely do a better job than the lowest bidding handyperson who quotes on it.

Can you use a hand sander to sand hardwood floors?

How to sand a hardwood floor by hand? The exact same way you would with floor sanding machines, but with a lot more elbow grease! Start with a low grit like 40, climb to 60, 80 then 100. Use a handheld orbital sander, ideally with a gear-driven setting.

Does sanding floors make a mess?

Yes, when you are sanding the floors, dust is created. That is just part of the process and there is no way around it. It takes care of most of the dust, but you will still need to dust (using either method). The particles are so fine and released into the air.

How much does sanding wood floors cost?

Sanding costs $0.50 to $3.00 per square foot to sand hardwood floors. An average 12 x 14 foot room would cost $80 to $500 depending on how many passes it needs and the area you live in. Regardless of condition, you’ll always want to start by sanding.

Can I sand my floors by hand?

The process for sanding a floor by hand would be, as a general rule, to start on a 40 grit sandpaper and work your way up to 100 or 120 grit paper to leave a fine finish. It is important to keep any sander moving so it does not dig into or burn the floor. Get yourself a floor sander, or better still hire a pro.

How messy is refinishing floors?

In the past, people would find dust piling up for weeks after they had already cleaned after their floors were sanded. This is because sanding floors sends dust into your vents. From there, the dust may then be circulated and deposited throughout your home, allowing dust to continue settling everywhere for weeks.

How much does it cost to have a floor professionally sanded?

The cost for a professional company to simply buff your floor and re-finish it would be about £1.50 per square foot. If your floor requires sanding and re-finishing then a company such as GJP Floor Sanding London can carry out this work using their dust-free machines at a cost of around £3 per square foot.

Should I strip or sand hardwood floors?

For example if you have a painted finish on your wooden floor then stripping will likely be more effective, however if you want to remove a basic polyurethane finish and you need to do so during the colder months of the year then sanding will be more appropriate.

Do you have to sand your hardwood floors yourself?

Sanding your floors yourself can save you a lot of money—if you do it the right way. Here’s what you need to know. If your hardwood floors are in need of refinishing, you have two main choices: Do it yourself, or hire and pay someone else to do it for you.

What’s the best way to refinish a hardwood floor?

1. Choose DIY-friendly sanding equipment. Random orbital sanders are the best choice for do-it-yourself hardwood floor refinishing. They take longer to remove old finishes than drum sanders, but they do not require a lot of experience to use and are less likely to damage your wood floor.

What kind of Sander do you use to refinish hardwood floors?

Sanding eliminates scratches and stains from a hardwood floor, but may not be able to alleviate the deepest gouges or discolored patches of wood. Begin by using a drum sander or belt sander with the grain along the length of the boards.

What are the tools you need to sand hardwood floors?

Required Tools for this How to Sand Hardwood Floors Project 1 Dust mask 2 Hammer 3 Nail set 4 Paint scraper 5 Shop vacuum 6 Tape measure 7 Wood chisel

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