Can you put an extension on a sprinkler head?

Can you put an extension on a sprinkler head?

It is constructed of flexible plastic making this sprinkler system riser easy to use. This flexible riser extension can be cut off to a desired length for use on any do-it-yourself sprinkler system. This sprinkler riser extension connects underground pipes to watering system sprinkler heads.

What is the spacing for sprinkler heads?

12-15 feet
Sprinkler heads must be a maximum of 12-15 feet apart, depending on the hazard rating of the space (it ranges from Light Hazard to Extra Hazard 1&2), and at least half that distance from the nearest walls (typically 7.5 feet away).

How do I calculate sprinkler spacing?

Take the sprinkler head watering DIAMETER and multiply it by 0.6 to get the absolute maximum distance that should ever occur between any two adjacent sprinklers. (Remember most manufacturer’s give you the radius of the sprinkler, you need to multiply by 2 to get the diameter.)

Should I use Teflon tape on sprinkler risers?

Standard Teflon tape or plastic compatible Teflon sealant around the riser or swing joint threads is all that is required to prevent leaks around the inlet threads of Hunter sprinklers. The Teflon also provides a long-lasting lubricant should it become necessary to remove the sprinkler for servicing.

What is a cut off sprinkler Riser made of?

This riser is an extension cut-off riser that is ideal for raising Gear Drive Sprinklers to the proper height. It’s made of a durable plastic construction that also can be cut to the desired length. Durable construction provides years of reliable use.

What kind of sprinkler head do I Need?

. 5 Pack – Orbit Drip Irrigation 12 Inch Sprinkler Stake and Extension Riser… . Only 4 left in stock – order soon. Twinkle Star Impact Sprinkler Head on Tripod Base, Heavy Duty Brass Sprinkler Nozzle, Solid Alloy Metal Extension Legs Flip Locks, 3/4 Inch Quick Connector and Adapter Set, 360 Degree Coverage, 2 Pack

Can a 3 / 4 mnpt cut off riser be used?

Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site. will this work with a 3/4 MNPT x 1/2 in barbed 90 degree elbow? That depends on how you plan to connect them. The male threaded part of the elbow will fit with the female end of this riser, yes, but the barbed part of the elbow will not fit with either end of this riser.

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