Can you start bleeding again 5 weeks postpartum?

Can you start bleeding again 5 weeks postpartum?

Can Postpartum Bleeding Stop and Start Again? Although there may be times when you notice more or less discharge, lochia itself doesn’t usually stop altogether only to start up again. Sometimes, the bright red discharge that you had in the first few days after you gave birth may also return.

What causes bleeding 5 weeks after c section?

Vaginal bleeding after a C-section occurs because the lining of the uterus, which has grown to be very thick during pregnancy, sloughs off after delivery and removal of the placenta. The resulting discharge, which is called “lochia,” is a mix of this uterine tissue, blood, and mucus.

Is it normal to start bleeding again 6 weeks postpartum?

Heavy Flow “Postpartum bleeding is normal for several weeks, up to 6 weeks, following a vaginal delivery,” she says. “The bleeding may also be inconsistent. Just when you think it’s done, you’ll have another day of dark red bleeding.

Is it normal for postpartum bleeding to stop and start again?

It was common for postpartum bleeding to stop and start again or to be characterized by intermittent spotting or bleeding. Return of menses is rare among fully breast-feeding women in the first 8 weeks postpartum.

Is bright red blood normal 5 weeks postpartum?

This is all a normal part of the postpartum transition of the uterus. Occasionally, a week or two after your bleeding seems to have stopped, you may have a sudden gush of bright red blood. This is the normal process of the placental site scab coming off. This too will taper off over a few days.

What can I expect with postpartum bleeding?

Postpartum hemorrhage is a serious medical condition that involves heavy bleeding within the first few months of the postpartum period. Besides heavy bleeding, you may experience blurred vision or feel weak and lightheaded. Some women pass out if their organs aren’t receiving adequate blood flow.

What to expect from bleeding after a C-section?

Bleeding after a C-section is to be expected and will reduce with time. You will notice heavier bleeding immediately after your C-section, and it will decrease over time. Bleeding should stop completely after four to six weeks. Increased bleeding can be a sign of postpartum complications or excessive physical activity.

Is it harder to get pregnent after a C section?

Most women will not have any trouble getting pregnant again after having this operation, but there are other big risks they need to consider.” The study involved 283 women who completed questionnaires roughly three years after delivering their first child by cesarean section or vaginal delivery using forceps or vacuum pump.

How long does the uterus take to heal after C section?

This process is helped by the use of oxytocin, a natural hormone that we give a little extra of to slow bleeding. The uterus is sewed shut and so that the wound can begin to heal. It probably takes a couple of weeks before the wound is healed up and possibly months before the stitches in your uterus completely dissolve.

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