Did Ashoka have harem?

Did Ashoka have harem?

Ashokavadana states that Ashoka’s mother was the daughter of a Brahmin from Champa, and was prophesized to marry a king. Accordingly, her father took her to Pataliputra, where she was inducted into Bindusara’s harem, and ultimately, became his chief queen.

Was Ashoka a good or bad ruler?

Hundreds of loyalist officials were also killed; Ashoka is said to have personally decapitated 500 of them. Having consolidated his power, he was finally crowned emperor in 270 BC. All accounts agree that Ashoka’s early rule was brutal and unpopular, and that he was known as “Chandashoka” or Ashoka the Cruel.

Who is known as Chinese Ashoka?

Zhang Yuhuan (2012a). “Legend of King Ashoka in India: Temple of King Ashoka in Ningbo” 《印度阿育王的传说:宁波阿育王寺》 . 《图解中国著名佛教寺院》 [Illustration of Famous Buddhist Temples in China] (in Chinese). 《图解中国佛教建筑》 [Illustration of Buddhist Architecture in China] (in Chinese).

Which battle changed Ashoka?

The battle of Kalinga changed Ashoka’s life.

Who is the son of Bindusara?


Who is the second wife of Ashoka?

Asandhimitram. 270 BC–240 BC

Why did Bindusara hated Ashoka?

Bindusara was initially apprehensive about her low class, but made her the chief queen after learning about her Brahmin descent. The couple had two sons: Ashoka and Vigatashoka. Bindusara did not like Ashoka because his “limbs were hard to the touch”.

Why Ashoka gave up the war?

Ashoka fought a war to conquer Kalinga. He decided to give up fighting wars after the victory over Kalinga, because he was horrified by the violence and bloodshed in that. He is the only king in the history of the world who gave up conquest after winning a war. Q15: Write a note on the cities of the Mauryan empire.

Who was the king of Kalinga When Ashoka attacked?

The name of King of Kalinga when Ashoka attacked was Raja Anantha Padmanabha. Before Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya, his grandpa had also exasperated to capture Kalinga and had confronted them.

At what age Bindusara died?

around 273 BCE
According to Upinder Singh, Bindusara died around 273 BCE. Alain Daniélou believes that he died around 274 BCE. Sailendra Nath Sen believes that he died around 273-272 BCE, and that his death was followed by a four-year struggle of succession, after which his son Ashoka became the emperor in 269-268 BCE.

Who married Kaurwaki?


Born 288 BC Kalinga, India
Spouse Ashoka
Issue Tivala (son)
Dynasty Maurya
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