Did Serengeti sunglasses go out of business?

Did Serengeti sunglasses go out of business?

The brand was developed by Corning. In 1984, Corning considered closing Serengeti due to poor financial performance. In July 2018, Vista Outdoors announced it had reached an agreement with a European private equity fund to sell the Bollé, Cébé and Serengeti eyewear brands.

Are Serengeti good sunglasses?

5.0 out of 5 stars The most comfortable and effective I`ve warn. I find Serengeti to be the best sunglasses for driving in bright sunlight and reducing glare during sunrise or sunset. I`ve been using Serengeti sunglasses for around 30 years now and would recommend them to anyone.

Is Serengeti better than Ray Ban?

Serengeti Sunglasses VS Ray-Ban? Ray-Ban receive good reviews for many of their products however the investment in technology is not as apparent when compared to Serengeti. Ray-Ban photochromic technology is available only in the ambermatic lenses whereas Serengeti offer photochromic technology in all of their lenses.

How to contact Serengeti eyeglasses and Sunglass repair?

If you have a question about our Serengeti eyeglass and sunglass repair services, please call our national customer service line at (480) 628-5330 or contact us by completing our online form.

How are Serengeti polarized sunglasses protect your eyes?

Serengeti polarized lenses block virtually 100% of UVA and UVB rays, for protection that goes well beyond government and commercial standards, so your eyes stay sharp, and you stay safe. (NOTE: Serengeti Lenses are not polarized by default.

What kind of material are Serengeti sunglasses made of?

Serengeti Lens Materials – Polar PhD Lenses. Serengeti Polar PhD lenses are polarized, and are made of Trivex, an exceptionally lightweight plastic with a visual acuity approaching that of glass. These lenses offer optical superiority, while resting like a feather on the bridge of your nose.

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