Does a landlord have to provide a Gas Safety Certificate?

Does a landlord have to provide a Gas Safety Certificate?

By law landlords must carry out an annual gas safety check and provide tenants with a copy of the record of that check.

What gas certificate do I need as a landlord?

To ensure your tenants’ safety, all gas appliances and flues need to undergo an annual gas safety check – and always by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Once this has been done, you’ll be given a Landlord Gas Safety Record or Gas Safety certificate with details of all the checks that were carried out.

Can a landlord be fined for no Gas Safety Certificate?

What are the penalties for not having a gas safety inspection and gas safety certificate? Failure to comply with the Gas Safety Regulations is a serious offence. Being unable to provide a gas safety record is a criminal offence and landlords can be liable for unlimited fines and/or six months of imprisonment.

What happens if landlord doesn’t do gas safety certificate?

Landlords need to carry out the gas safety check annually It’s the only way to legally obtain a gas safety certificate, which is only valid for 12 months. Without it, the property cannot be let. Letting a property that doesn’t safely use gas is absolutely illegal and can be viewed as a criminal offence.

Who pays for a gas safety certificate?

You are responsible for any gas appliances that you own. Your landlord is usually responsible for any flues, pipework or chimneys they are connected to. When a Gas Safe engineer checks the appliances owned by your landlord, you can ask them to check your appliances, but you may have to pay for this.

What does a landlords gas safety certificate cover?

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 deal with landlords’ duties to make sure gas appliances, fittings and flues provided for tenants are safe. You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of flues,appliances and pipework provided for your tenants use ;by a Gas Safe registered engineer .

How often does a landlord need a gas certificate?

A gas safety check will make sure gas fittings and appliances are safe to use. record: landlords must provide their tenants with a record of the annual gas safety within 28 days of the check being completed or to new tenants before they move in. Landlords must keep copies of the gas safety record for two years.

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