Does fender make a 5-string bass?

Does fender make a 5-string bass?

Fender 5-string Bass Guitars.

What is a Jazz Bass V?

The Jazz Bass V is the five string (extended-range) version of the Fender Jazz Bass. It comes in several different versions, with active or passive pickups.

What is the difference between Fender Jazz and Precision Bass?

The Precision Bass [or “P Bass” as it is known] has split coil pickups that give it its classic, solid bass sound. The Jazz Bass [known as a “J Bass”] has 2 single coil pickups which results in a very clean tone that has a bit more midrange than the Precision.

Is Precision or Jazz bass better?

The nut on the Jazz Bass neck is 1.5″ wide, whereas the Precision has a 1.625″ nut. This makes the Jazz Bass better for players with smaller hands. Precision players prefer the more “even” feel of the Precision’s neck from low to high registers. The Jazz bass neck is also rounder than the Precision’s.

What is the length of a Fender Jazz Bass?

Most basses such as Fender’s Precision and Jazz Bass have a 34” scale—considered a long scale. Short scale basses are less common, Hofner ’s “violin” bass models with their 30” scale and Gibson EB basses at 30.5” being examples. Five- and six-string basses often have 35” or longer scales.

What is the weight of a Fender Jazz Bass?

For a new Standard or American Standard Fender Precision or Jazz Bass of the 4-string variety, the weight will be between 8.5 to 9.5lbs (3.9 to 4.3kg). A few further notes on weight concerning new Fender bass models:

Where are Fender Bass made?

In addition models are made with active electronics. This is the addition of an internal power source, a 9 volt battery to power a preamp. This allows for a stronger signal. Fender s main bass models are manufactured in the USA at the original Fullerton factory, as well as in Japan and recently in Mexico.

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