Does iris grow in California?

Does iris grow in California?

In California, tall bearded iris flower during a seven-week period in late March and April, do most of their growing in May and June, then become semi-dormant in July, August and September. Modern bearded iris seem to remember the dry, warm summers of their native lands and in California are ridiculously easy to grow.

Can iris grow in Zone 10?

The Los Angeles, California area is in hardiness zone 10, and winter temperatures do not normally fall below 30°F (-1°C). Maximum summer temperatures may reach 105°F (41°C). Higher elevations in this area have colder winter temperatures and the irises will bloom later. …

Where can I find Wild Iris?

The wild iris is found in Western North America. Its distribution is varied; it grows at high elevations in mountains and alpine meadows and all the way down to sea level in coastal hills. It is frequently found in foothills, montane, subalpine environments, wetlands and meadows, in late spring or early summer.

Can I divide irises in the spring?

A: August or September is the best time to divide and transplant irises, but you still can transplant them now. Your irises may not bloom this spring. Start dividing them by removing the entire iris clump. To make the rhizomes easier to handle, reduce the length of the blade foliage by half.

Should iris be cut back?

After blooming is finished, cut flower stems down at their base, but do NOT trim iris leaves after they have finished blooming. In the early spring, remove winter mulch and any old foliage to allow for fresh, new growth and prevent Iris borers.

How do you propagate wild iris?

Dividing irises is easy, and should be done after bloom. Simply dig up the whole mass of roots, and cut the rhizomes apart with a sharp knife. Then replant them, either singly, or maybe in small clumps a few inches apart — and transfer your “extras” to other parts of the garden.

Is there a Society for Pacific Coast native iris?

Publication Pacific Iris: The Almanac of the Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris Checklist of species and hybrids Annual seed exchange has the widest selection of PCI seeds of any seed list, including seeds from new hybrids and wild-collected seeds from species and natural hybrids

What kind of iris grows on the west coast?

Many in the iris-growing world consider Pacific Coast iris (PC iris) to be divas, gorgeous in flower but relatively fussy compared to tall and hearty bearded, Louisiana, or spuria irises. It’s time for a new mindset. Here on the West Coast, we are in PC iris homelands.

Can you grow Pacifica Iris in the summer?

For gardeners in warm to cool temperate, summer-dry areas, who like growing iris, or already grow Pacifica Iris (PCI), join an international community of PCIrisarians who promote learning about, growing and hybridizing PCI. Publication Pacific Iris: The Almanac of the Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris

Where can I find information on PC Iris?

American Iris Society (AIS) includes PC iris species and hybrids in an online iris encyclopedia; each entry includes photos and descriptions. This encyclopedia is quickly becoming the go-to place for online information on iris species and hybrids. For more information see

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