Does Pittsburgh Airport have shuttle service?

Does Pittsburgh Airport have shuttle service?

Pittsburgh International Airport is pleased to provide a comprehensive list of approved limousine, taxi, shuttle and charter bus services to help deliver you to and from our door.

How much is Uber from Pittsburgh Airport to downtown?

But even though a trip from the airport to Downtown can net a fare of $35 or $40, some drivers say the new system forces them to wait too long. “I’m not sure how else they can do it,” said one airport Uber driver named Joe, who asked his last name not be used.

Is Uber available at Pittsburgh Airport?

We welcome Uber and Lyft. Hail a ride with your smartphone app and meet your driver outside Baggage Claim Door #4 at the Commercial Arrivals Curb.

How far is downtown Pittsburgh from airport?

14 miles
What is the distance between Pittsburgh Airport (PIT) and Downtown Pittsburgh? The distance between Pittsburgh Airport (PIT) and Downtown Pittsburgh is 14 miles.

Is LYFT in Pittsburgh?

Lyft is available at the following airports in Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh International Airport | PIT.

How much does it cost to take a shuttle from Pittsburgh Airport?

You can book a one-way ride or per hour. A business class service includes meet-and-greet service and the price is $120 for 2 hours. If you want to go from Pittsburgh Airport to any downtown hotel, you will have to pay approximately $87, depending on the exact location.

What kind of Transportation is available at Pittsburgh Airport?

If you’re flying to western Pennsylvania, you should find safe airport transportation that will allow you to explore many beautiful places in the area. There are countless airport transfers available at the PIT, including Pittsburgh Airport Shuttle, Rideshare, Taxis, Car & Limo Service, Rental Cars, and Public Transportation.

Is there a limo service to the airport in Pittsburgh?

Whether you want a sedan or limousine ride to the airport, corporate limo transportation to an important meeting, or just a limo to get from A to B around Pittsburgh and the greater Pittsburgh Area during your business day, Airport Commuter Limo services in Pittsburgh is ready to surpass your expectations!

Where to meet your driver at Pittsburgh Airport?

To meet your driver at the airport, go outside Baggage Claim Door #4. If you don’t like sharing your shuttle ride with other people, use a taxi cab service at PIT and quickly reach your destination. This is one of the fastest transportation options from Pittsburgh Airport to downtown.

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