How did Zayda die?

How did Zayda die?

Zayda Peña, the 28-year-old lead singer of grupero band Zayda y Los Culpables, was shot to death in a hospital emergency room in Matamoros, Mexico, on Dec. 1. The singer was in the hospital after being shot the day before in a motel room in the same city near the Texas-Mexico border, according to published reports.

When did zayda die?

December 1, 2007
Zayda Pena Arjona/Date of death
Death of Zayda Peña Arjona Zayda Peña Arjona (March 5, 1981–December 1, 2007) was the lead singer of Zayda y Los Culpables. Shortly before midnight on December 1, 2007, an unknown gunman shot Peña in the back at Mónaco Motel in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, across the U.S.-Mexico border from Brownsville, Texas.

Why was Zayda Pena killed?

The motive for Pena’s killing had not been determined, authorities said. One of her biggest hits was the song “Tiro de Gracia” (Coup de Grace”). Some media outlets suggested Monday that the song referred to an execution, although its lyrics describe nothing more violent than a failed relationship.

Is Ariel Camacho dead?

Deceased (1992–2015)
Ariel Camacho/Living or Deceased

Why are Mexican singers killed?

According to BBC, several of the murders of musicians over the past year are believed to be tied to organised crime and drug-trafficking. Alone in Mexico, more than 1,000 people are said to have been killed this year as drug cartel’s battles for territory and drug routes.

How old is Ariel Camacho now?

Ariel Camacho

Ariel Camacho Barrera
Birth name José Ariel Camacho Barrera
Also known as La Tuyia, El Rey de Corazones, El Mentado, el Rey del Requinto
Born July 8, 1992 Guamuchil, Sinaloa, Mexico
Died February 25, 2015 (aged 22) Angostura, Sinaloa, Mexico

What really happened to Ariel Camacho?

The singer Ariel Camacho, with a short artistic career, died in a car accident on February 25, 2015, losing his life instantly. The car in which he was traveling was a 1994 sand-colored Honda.

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