How do I complain about Australia Post?

How do I complain about Australia Post?

Making a complaint If you wish to complain about Australia Post’s services, in the first instance you must contact Australia Post. You can do this by contacting Australia Post on their customer contact number 13 13 18, or by writing to the Australia Post Commercial Manager in your State.

What does contact sender mean Australia Post?

‘Contact sender’ means that your item has been returned to the sender. If this happens, we’ll let the sender know why the item has been returned to them. You should contact the sender of the item directly for an update.

What happens if my parcel goes missing?

So, if a parcel does go missing you can ask to cancel the order and receive your money back. If there wasn’t a set date chosen for delivery, the company has 30 days to issue the refund. The above is some of the main things to familiarise yourself in the case of a lost parcel.

Is there an ombudsman for delivery companies?

The Postal Redress Service (POSTRS) is an independent organisation which can resolve disputes between postal operators and their customers when operators have not sorted out the complaints through their own procedures.

Can you sue Australia Post?

The maximum amount you can claim back from Australia Post for a lost or damaged standard delivery is $50. For registered post you can claim up to $100, and if you purchase insurance cover you can claim up to $5000.

Where do undelivered parcels go?

Generally, nonmailable packages are returned to the sender. But, if for any reason the sender will not or cannot receive it, the courier company will hold onto a parcel for a while so that the owner can file a claim. However, they cannot wait indefinitely.

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When do I call the post office in Australia?

Call us. Get in touch from Monday to Friday, except national public holidays. In Australia 8am–6pm (local time) 13 POST (13 7678) From overseas 7am–6pm (AEST) +61 3 8847 9045. Business credit accounts 8am–6pm (local time) 13 11 18.

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