How do I contact the Japanese Embassy?

How do I contact the Japanese Embassy?

How to Reach Us?

  1. Japan Information & Culture Center. 1150 18th Street NW, Suite 100. Washington, DC 20036. 202-238-6900. [email protected]. Consular Section (Visa Inquiries) 2520 Massachusetts Ave. NW.
  2. Embassy of Japan. 2520 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Washington, DC 20008. 202-238-6700. JET Program Office. 2520 Massachusetts Ave. NW.

Can a green card holder go to Japan?

2 Answers. No, Japan only cares about your country of citizenship, they will have to apply for a visa via the usual process. The only thing a green card gets you is the right to apply for a visa at a Japanese embassy/consulate in the USA, and tourist visas are usually processed in 2-3 days.

How do I renew my Japanese passport?

As a Japanese citizen, you will need to do an in-person process for passport renewal: Fill out the application provided by the Japanese Government. Take your family registry, current passport, and required photos. Book an appointment and bring cash, money orders, or a cashier cheque? to pay for the processing fee.

Can Filipino travel to Japan now?

Passengers holding newly issued visa may NOT travel from Philippines to Japan until further notice. These includes Contract Workers/New-entry trainees, Business visa, and Student visa. Transit passengers in Japan are allowed even after January 03, 2021 as long as same day and same airport connection.

Do green card holders need visa to Japan?

Only those with long-term resident status in the U.S. can apply for a visa. (2) Alien registration card (U.S. green card or permanent resident of U.S.)

Can US green card holders travel to Japan without visa?

Can All Green Card Holders Travel Abroad Without a Visa? You can only travel internationally with your Green Card if you are travelling to a country that has extended the same rights to US Green Card holders as to American citizens.

Can you become a Japanese citizen by marriage?

Simply marrying a Japanese citizen does not automatically grant Japanese citizenship to a foreign national. Attaining Japanese citizenship must be done though the normal naturalization process. However, marrying a Japanese citizen does allow the foreign national to immediately obtain a spousal visa.

How much does a Japanese passport cost?

Japanese passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility Japanese citizenship
Expiration 10 years or 5 years after acquisition for adults, 5 for ages under 19
Cost ¥16,000 (10 year adult passport) ¥11,000 (5 year passport for 12-year-old or over) ¥6,000 (5 year passport for 11-year-old or under)

Do US citizens need visa for Japan?

U.S. citizens do not need a visa for stays of 90 days or less for tourism or business in Japan. However, their passports must be valid for the duration of their stay.

How do I immigrate to Japan?

In order to study in Japan, you will need to get a letter of acceptance from a university first. You must show proof to the university that you have enough in your bank account or parents account in order to support you for one year in case of an emergency and for school costs.

What are the requirements for a Japanese visa?

The following requirements are necessary for obtaining a working visa for Japan: a valid passport, a recent photograph, a letter from your future employer (or sponsor) stating your position and expected salary, a Certificate of Eligibility, a curriculum vitae, or resume and copies of any necessary graduation certificates.

Is Japan visa free?

A Japan Visa is FREE, however, these travel agencies charge for the service that they offer of processing/sending your application, and their corresponding single-entry Japan tourist visa without guarantor fee are as follows (for fees on other types of tourist visas, kindly inquire with them or check their website).

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