How do I download NBA data?

How do I download NBA data?

A Chrome extension for downloading data from stats(dot)nba(dot)com and stats(dot)wnba(dot)com as csvs Navigate to the page that contains the stats that you want, right click, select Download Data, and a modal will pop up confirming the download for each set of data used to populate the page.

Where can I find NBA stats?

Stats is the official site of the National Basketball Association. is their webpage devoted to NBA statistics data.

What is play by play data?

What does play-by-play data include? At this point, Play-by-Play (PBP) data has been the main source of many advanced stats such as adjusted plus-minus. Play-by-play provides a transcript of the game in a format of individual events.

Where can I download baseball stats?

There are two main sources of raw data: the Lahman Database and Retrosheet. The Lahman Database can be obtained for free at, the website of its creator, Sean Lahman. It’s basically a standard Baseball Encyclopedia in downloadable form.

What do you call the official who keeps track of the 24 second timer in a basketball game?

Official timer alerts referee when each half is going to start and stops the clock when any kind of interruption occurs during a game (fouls, out of bounds, timeouts etc) while shot clock timer informs referee when a player takes 24 or more seconds to shoot a ball (keeping the ball in possession for 24 seconds or more …

How many NBA basketball games are there?

1,230. A total of 1,230 games are played in each regular season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) games. In each regular season, each of the 30 NBA teams play 82 games – 41 each at home and on the road.

What is NBA player efficiency?

Highest career player efficiency rating: Michael Jordan (27.91)

  • Highest single-season player efficiency rating: Giannis Antetokounmpo (31.90 in 2019-20)
  • Highest career playoff player efficiency rating: Michael Jordan (28.60)
  • Highest single-season playoff player efficiency rating: Hakeem Olajuwon (38.96 in 1988)
  • What are the names of all the NBA teams?

    There a currently 30 basketball teams in the NBA. The teams are split into the Eastern Conference and Western Conference. Here’s a listing of the current 30 teams: Atlanta Hawks. Boston Celtics. Charlotte Bobcats. Chicago Bulls. Cleveland Cavaliers.

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