How do I fix my DStv error E48?

How do I fix my DStv error E48?

DStv No Signal Problem (E48-32 Error) – How to fix step by step

  1. Why your DStv says no signal?
  2. Step 1: Check your DStv connection cables.
  3. Step 2: Reboot your decoder.
  4. Step 3: Inspect your DStv satellite dish.
  5. Step 4: Check your LNB.
  6. Step 5: Call the approved DStv installer.

How do I reset my DStv signal?

How To Fix Signal Strength On DStv?

  1. Check F-type connectors. Check for incorrectly connected F-type connectors on the LNB and at the back of the decoder.
  2. Correct the LNB alignment.
  3. Adjust satellite dish alignment.
  4. Replace a faulty LNB.
  5. Move your satellite dish.
  6. Cut down or prune trees that may obstruct the signal.

Why does DStv lose signal?

What to Do When Your DStv Decoder Loses Signal. If you are experiencing bad signal quality, it could be due to a faulty angle adjustment of the LNB. Bad weather will especially influence your signal reception. The low-noise block downconverter (LNB) is the receiving device that is fitted on your satellite dish.

How do I fix e18 4 error on DStv?

How do I clear e18 error on DStv? Just connect whatever has been disconnected, wait for fifteen minutes, and enjoy the services. Re-insert the correct card, arrow facing the decoder and the chip facing downwards and then reboot the decoder. Make sure the card is clean.

Why are some DStv channels not working?

If some channels are not playing on DStv, your decoder is not receiving enough signal strength to play them out. The signal strength and quality are low because of the misalignment of your dish. In some cases, poor signal quality results from misaligned LNB also.

Why is my DStv saying no signal e48-32?

Settings : Wrong dstv settings will surely cause the e48-32 error, because the decoder cannot pick up the right frequencies of the signal. solution : Adjust the signal frequencies in the settings panel.

Why do I get an error code on DStv?

Click on the button showing your error code number to read the reasons for the error and possible solutions. No signal can be caused by bad weather or a problem with your satellite dish installation.

How to clear DStv error code e143-4?

Phone Multichoice at 012 422 2222 to reactivate your decoder, or you can clear the error yourself by dialling *120*68584# and following the prompts on your smartphone display. Validating your subscription status.

Why is the e16-4 channel on DStv blocked?

E16-4 (Channel Currently Scrambled) This channel is blocked because it may not be part of your package or your services may have been suspended. Visit Self Service to clear this error or to check your account balance .

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