How do I turn off the fan noise on my PS3?

How do I turn off the fan noise on my PS3?

The loud fan on the PS3 can be quite nerve….And so it goes:

  1. Remove the “Slim” in the power cord, or turn off the “Fat” on the back of the console.
  2. You are now on the front of the console, the eject button is pressed.
  3. Do not release the button and plug in the power cable again, or turn the console back on.

How can I make my PS3 fat quieter?

Pour some water down the back of it, that’ll make it quiet. My fans run solid about 2 minutes after switching (40GB Phat) it on.

Is the fat PS3 loud?

Fat ps3’s are normally a little loud, but nowhere near “jet engine” loud. If it’s actually THAT loud – your system is either caked with dust or simply near the end of it’s life.

Why is my PS3 making a loud noise?

The main source of noise from a PS3 is the optical disk drive. One can not do much. Placing the PS3 flat is better than on its side.

How do I cool my PS3 fat?

Play the console as you normally would. After turning it off, perform the after-cooling trick. After the fan has turned back off and the the PS3 beeps three times, flip the switch/unplug the power cable. Do the after-cooling trick over and over again until the air coming out of the back of the console is cool again.

What kind of fan does a PS3 use?

Beginning with the release of the original PlayStation in December 1994, Sony has gone on to develop the PlayStation 3 and several versions of the PlayStation Portable (PSP). As soon as the console starts up the fan is blowing hard. The noise is not scratchy or anything but the fan spins at full speed.

Why does my PS3 keep crashing when I Turn on the fan?

If the PS3 gets close to critically overheating, the fan will begin begin working as hard as it can to keep the system from crashing entirely. Under normal circumstances, this shouldn’t happen often, if at all, but if your PS3 is old or if it’s not in an ideal location in your home, it could overheat.

Why does my PlayStation 3 get so hot?

When you use your PS3 in normal circumstances, it does a lot of computing, especially if you’re playing a game, and that computing builds up heat. The harder the PS3 has to “think,” the more work it’s doing and the hotter it’s going to get.

Is the PS3 fan louder in the summer?

The ps3 fan has 3 fan speeds (factory standards) In summer its humid hot etc the air blowing out might not be HOT but the components inside are so this is what its cooling down! You can notice the fan is louder when it goes at full speed but this is normal 3RD party fans DO NOTHING IN THE SLIGHTEST!

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