How do you conjugate the verb servir?

How do you conjugate the verb servir?

Conjugate the verb servir:

  1. je sers. tu sers.
  2. il servait. nous avons servi.
  3. vous servirez.
  4. ils serviraient.

What are the forms of servir?

yo. serviré

  • tú servirás.
  • él/ella/Ud. servirá
  • nosotros. serviremos.
  • vosotros. serviréis.
  • ellos/ellas/Uds. servirán.
  • How do you conjugate Spanish present tense?

    To conjugate these verbs in the Spanish present tense, you take the root (also called the stem) of the word and add the correct ending, depending on the person (yo, tú, él, nosotros, etc.) and the type of verb in front of us (-ar/-er/-ir). The type of verb (-ar/-er/-ir) determines the ending.

    What is the stem changing verb for servir?


    sirves you serve
    Ud./él/ella sirve you/he/she serves
    nosotros (as) servimos we serve
    vosotros (as) servís you guys serve

    What is the verb of servir?

    to serve
    Servir means ‘to serve’. The preterite tense of servir is used to talk about things that served in the short term past, and servir is almost regular in this tense….Lesson Summary.

    Subject Pronoun Preterite Tense Subjunctive Present Tense
    nosotros nosotras servimos sirvamos
    vosotros vosotras servisteis sirváis

    What type of verb is servir?

    French -ir verb
    Servir (“to serve,” “to be useful”) is an irregular French -ir verb. Below are the simple conjugations of the verb servir. They do not include the compound tenses, which consist of a form of the auxiliary verb with the past participle.

    What are the 5 forms of servir in the present tense?

    Subject Pronouns Present Simple Pronunciation
    yo sirvo (SEER-boh)
    sirves (SEER-behs)
    él/ella usted sirve (SEER-beh)
    nosotros/ nosotras servimos (sehr-BEE-mohs)

    What are the regular verb endings Spanish?

    The present tense endings for regular -ir verbs are: – o, -es, -e, -imos, -ís, -en. You usually don’t need to give a pronoun in Spanish as the ending of the verb makes it clear who or what is doing the action.

    How many stem changing verbs are there in the present tense?

    five types
    There are five types of stem changing verbs in the simple present tense. 1.

    What is the present tense of Ser?

    Sentences using ser in the present tense Ser is used to signify equivalence or identity between two elements: Mi esposa es doctora . – My wife is a doctor.

    How do you conjugate the verb vivir in Spanish?

    The Spanish verb vivir means to live. It is a regular verb, so it follows the conjugation pattern for all verbs ending in -ir. To conjugate the infinitive verb vivir, drop the ending -ir and add the new ending.

    How to conjugate the French verb ‘servir’?

    ‘Servir is Conjugated Like French Verbs Ending in ‘-mir,’ ‘-tir,’ ‘-vir’ . Generally speaking, most French verbs ending in -mir, -tir, or -vir are conjugated this way. Such verbs include: dormir > to sleep.

    What is the verb ser in Spanish?

    The verb ser is one of the two Spanish verbs that mean “to be.”. The other one is the verb estar. The verb ser is irregular, meaning it does not follow a common conjugation pattern.

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