How do you get spikes on Animal Jam play wild?

How do you get spikes on Animal Jam play wild?

You either have to complete the Arctic Wolf Treasure Hunt to obtain the regular Spiked Collars, or trade with other Jammers to obtain the rare Spiked Collars.

How do you get epic spikes in Ajpw?

In order to obtain the Epic Spiked Collar, you will need to collect at least 3,000 Presents during Pack Runs. As you can see in the picture above, the Epic Spiked Collar has many spikes around it. It consists of a thick collar, has eight large spikes going around it and eight smaller spikes between them.

When did the Animal Jam long spikes come out?

Rare Long Spike Collars & Wristbands These are the original Animal Jam long spikes that were released in 2011 as member gifts. The collars were first called “spikey necklaces” and did not have a rare tag until later on. Wearing a long rare spike collar during an adventure will add 17 damage to destroyable objects.

What can you use to get rare spikes on Animal Jam?

However, it is rare, but den betas, bows and arrows, worn blankets, top hats, and several better items such as these can be rewarded from here. Items such as these could be used to get actual rare spiked collars and wrists!

How many different types of rare spikes are there?

Just like the long rare spikes, there are 8 colors of short rare spike wristbands & collars. I don’t have as many pictures of the short spikes, but there is a wristband and collar for each color of spike. Now that you’ve seen the different types and colors of rare spikes in Animal Jam, your main question is probably how do I get one?!

Are there any non rare long spike collars?

Here are some of the colors of non rare long spike collars and wristbands. Short spike collars and wristbands were re-released as non rare items during a Spiked Sale in 2016 from June 23-26th. These non rare short spikes featured a colored band with blue/grey spikes.

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