How do you land on land on Laythe?

How do you land on land on Laythe?

Use the wings to get to land, then use parachutes and engines to land with the standard landing approach. Getting into orbit is a lot simpler: the same approach as Kerbin, but account for the smaller mass of Laythe and its lower atmosphere.

What is Laythe?

: to blame (someone for something)

What is Laythe in KSP?

Laythe is the innermost of the five natural satellites of Jool. Although mostly covered in seas, Laythe has numerous rocky, sandy islands. Laythe is tidally locked to Jool. Instead, the presence of a liquid ocean, plus a dense atmosphere, makes Laythe more similar to the Saturnian moon Titan.

How does Laythe have water?

Due to past impacts, the water on Laythe was heated and an atmosphere, combined with Jool’s tidal forces and high concentrations of salt kept the water liquid. It is the farthest body in the Kerbol System to have liquid water on the surface.

How do I get to JOOL in KSP?

Play with the prograde and retrograde vectors a bit until you see the arrows. If you get the two white arrows close enough to each other, you will get an encounter with Jool. If you cannot get an encounter, try moving your maneuver node around a little bit. Once you complete the burn, you will be on a course to Jool!

How do I get to Eve?


  1. Step 1 – Build Your Rocket. To perform a successful landing on Eve you will need a large space ship.
  2. Step 2 – Planetary Alignment.
  3. Step 3 – Launch to Kerbin Orbit.
  4. Step 4 – Fly from Kerbin to Eve.
  5. Step 5 – Arriving at Eve.
  6. Step 6 – Land on Eve (Optional)

How many bodies are in KSP?

It has Kerbol as the central body which is orbited by 5 planets and 2 dwarf planets. Only Kerbin and Laythe have an oxygen atmosphere and only Kerbin hosts life….Relation to the Solar System.

Kerbol system Solar system
Kerbin Earth
Duna Mars
Dres Ceres
Jool Jupiter

Is Laythe habitable?

Natural satellites that host life are common in science fiction. In video game Kerbal Space Program, there is a habitable satellite called Laythe.

How can I get Laythe?

Just keep orbiting Jool until you have a Laythe encounter. If you have some extra fuel and some knowledge of orbital maneuvers, you can try to speed the process up. Otherwise, just have a little patience, and you will eventually get a Laythe orbit.

Can you land on JOOL?

Jool has no solid surface to land on; descending spacecraft will explode when they reach the altitude of -250 m. Prior to version 0.23, it was possible to land on a solid surface, though spacecraft were inevitably and invariably devoured by the Kraken.

How much Delta V does it take to get to JOOL?

This rocket should be fully capable to reach Jool. To build this rocket, you will need at least 8,300 Delta-V. To save some Delta-V in your rocket, you could aerobrake around Jool or Laythe.

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