How do you pass level 9 on bloxorz?

How do you pass level 9 on bloxorz?

Press the space bar on your keyboard to change blocks, then move down once, right five times and down once more to complete the level.

What are the codes for bloxorz?

Bloxorz Cheat Codes: Complete List of Level Codes from 1 – 33

  • Level 01 – code : 780464.
  • Level 02 – code : 290299.
  • Level 03 – code : 918660.
  • Level 04 – code : 520967.
  • Level 05 – code : 028431.
  • Level 06 – code : 524383.
  • Level 07 – code : 189493.
  • Level 08 – code : 499707.

How do you change the block on bloxorz on Iphone?

Press the spacebar to switch between each block.

How do you beat the last level on bloxorz?

Press left twice, down, left and up to drop the block through the hole and beat the level.

How do you play bloxorz level 6?

Press “Down.” Press “Right.” Press “Up” twice. Press “Left.” Press “Down.” Press “Right.” Press “Up.” Press “Left.” Press “Down” and press “Right.” Your block will drop through the hole into the next level.

How do you get past level 7 on bloxorz?

In level 7, players must navigate narrow bridges and platforms to reach the goal. Press down then roll left once and press up so that your block is aligned with the narrow strip of squares to the top of the “X” on the far side of the screen. Move right end-over-end five times.

How do you do Stage 6 on bloxorz?

Press on “Load Stage” and type in “524383” using your keyboard’s number pad. Click on “Enter” and you will be taken straight to stage six, so you do not need to begin the game at level one to reach the stage.

How do you pass level 6 on bloxorz?

Press “Right.” Press “Down.” Press “Right.” Press “Down.” Press “Right.” Press “Up” twice. Press “Left.” Press “Down.” Press “Right.” Press “Up.” Press “Left.” Press “Down” and press “Right.” Your block will drop through the hole into the next level.

What is the cheat code for bloxorz Stage 1?

Bloxorz Codes & Levels – Full Codes List Every level or stage and its cheat code: Game’s start screen > Load Stage > enter the code 1st Stage – Level 01 – code : 780464 2nd Stage – Level 02 – code : 290299

What is the code for level 17 bloxorz?

17th Stage – Level 17 – code : 683596; 18th Stage – Level 18 – code : 284933; 19th Stage – Level 19 – code : 119785; 20th Stage – Level 20 – code : 543019; 21st Stage – Level 21 – code : 728724; 22nd Stage – Level 22 – code : 987319; 23rd Stage – Level 23 – code : 293486; 24th Stage – Level 24 – code : 088198

What do you need to know about bloxorz?

Bloxorz is a classic web-based puzzle game that can supply hours of head-scratching, hair-pulling fun for those who love a good spatial-orientation challenge. The geometry-based game tasks players with moving a rectangular box across a plane, with a goal of getting it to fall through a hole at a specific point.

How do you direct a block in bloxorz?

Directing your block is simple — just use up, down, left and right arrows. The tricky part of the game is not to let your block fall off the surface place or world. If even one part of your block is hanging off the end, your block will fall and you’ll have to restart the level all over.

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