How does a 2-speed rear axle work?

How does a 2-speed rear axle work?

The 2-speed axle works on the same basic principles, but with an added planetary gear set inside the ring gear. This works by sliding a clutch gear meshing with the high range clutch plate. When the low range is selected, the sliding clutch gear engages with the low range clutch plate.

What is a 2-speed axle?

Damage protection and electronically controlled shifting for two-speed axles. More than just an axle hi/low switch, Two-Speed Axle Enable integrates the transmission electronic controls to block axle shifts until the vehicle speed is low and the throttle is closed. Low axle enable speed is adjustable.

What is double reduction axle?

Single reduction axle has only one speed reducer to control the speed, while double reduction axle has a major speed reducer and a side speed reducing system. Double reduction axle resolve this conflict perfectly by installing a speed reducing gear between the axle shaft and the wheel.

How does hub reduction axle work?

The hub reduction consists of a cylindrical planetary gear with straight needle bearing gears, which gives small loss-es. When the planetary gears are forced to rotate towards the gear ring, which is secured to the rear axle hous-ing, there is a reduction in speed. The reduction in the hub is 3.46:1.

Is the rear axle a 2 speed axle?

OK, I checked the rear axle and it is definitely a vacuum based 2 speed. That is, there is a diaphragm on the axle pumpkin with 2 rubber tubes going to it. Those attach to 2 metal tubes that originate at the front of the truck.

Is there a 2 speed axle on a C60?

Yesterday I took a ’64 C60 (that I am thinking of buying for a restoration project) for a test drive. The truck can be seen here: It has a 327 CID motor, a 5 speed tranny and a 2 speed rear axle. Suspension is rated at 22,000 GVWR.

Can a Garwood bed have two speed axles?

Garwood bed too, I have a 52 4400 with the same dump setup and two speed rear that is vacuum operated. Works well and has two hoses like yours.

How to test the high gear in the axle?

To test the high gear in the axle, remove the vacuum diafram from the rear axle and shift it manualy, if it still jumps in high gear, then the gear set is bad. Or I just though of this, switch the hoses at the axle and see if high gear works now, and low is messed up. Jolly Goodfellow. the 6066 GMC Guy. Jolly’s Truck & Car Show Page.

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