How many railway Programmes has Michael Portillo made?

How many railway Programmes has Michael Portillo made?

Portillo has also presented 7 other programmes with a similar format: Great Continental Railway Journeys (7 series; 2012–2020), Great American Railroad Journeys (4 series; 2016–2020), Great Indian Railway Journeys (2018), Great Alaskan Railroad Journeys and Great Canadian Railway Journeys (broadcast consecutively in …

When was Great British Railways filmed?

The first series, which used the longer title, was broadcast on BBC2 in 1980. After a 14-year hiatus, a further three series were broadcast between 1994 and 1999, using the shorter series title. Similar series were broadcast in 1983, Great Little Railways, and 2010, Great British Railway Journeys.

Why does Michael Portillo wear bright clothes?

I like to tell people that I am colour blind and dress in the dark, but the real reason is that I enjoy doing the unexpected and (I hope) making people laugh. I buy opportunistically if I see something outrageous for sale on my travels, but mainly I have clothes made by Volpe in Denbigh Street in London.

Who writes Great British Railway Journeys?

Michael Portillo
Documentary series in which Michael Portillo travels the length and breadth of the country by train.

Who is Portillo married to?

Carolyn Eadiem. 1982
Michael Portillo/Spouse

Where does Michael Portillo get his jackets?

Many of his clothes are made by a tailor in London Michael Portillo is famously known for his bright trousers and jackets which make a great impact on the small screen. ‘I like to buy as I travel. If I see something outrageous, I’ll buy it. I also have clothes made by Volpe in Denbigh Street in London.

Which book does Michael Portillo use?

Bradshaw’s Handbook of 1863
A facsimile edition of Bradshaw’s Handbook of 1863, the book that inspired the BBC television series ‘Great British Railway Journeys’. When Michael Portillo began the series ‘Great British Railway Journeys’, a well-thumbed 150-year-old book shot back to fame.

How old is Michael Portillo?

68 years (May 26, 1953)
Michael Portillo/Age

Who is Portillo’s wife?

Michael Portillo/Wife

What nationality is Michael Portillo?

Michael Portillo/Nationality
Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo (born 26 May 1953) is a British journalist, broadcaster and former politician. His broadcast series include railway documentaries such as Great British Railway Journeys and Great Continental Railway Journeys.

Where does Michael Portillo get his Colourful clothes?

Many of his clothes are made by a tailor in London If I see something outrageous, I’ll buy it. I also have clothes made by Volpe in Denbigh Street in London. This is just one of the six things you probably didn’t know about him.

Who is Michael Portillo wife?

Why did John Portillo get the job of railways?

This was no fluke appointment, no Caroline Quentin’s National Parks or Joanna Lumley: The Search for Noah’s Ark. Portillo got this job because undiluted joy for railways radiates from his very being. Admittedly, it does sometimes radiate out of him a little too aggressively.

Where did Antonio Portillo travel from Buxton to London?

On this journey, Portillo travels from Buxton along one of the first railway routes south to the capital, London.

Who are the actors in the Great British Railway Journeys?

Great British Railway Journeys: With Michael Portillo, Alex Hutchinson, Paul Bennett, Jonathan Betts. Michael Portillo travels along the railway networks of Great Britain and Ireland, referring to a Victorian guidebook written by George Bradshaw as he describes how the destinations have changed.

Where does the Great British Railway Journeys take place?

Episodes Great British Railway Journeys: Buxton to Matlock (2010) to Great British Railway Journeys: St. Pancras to Westminster (2010) formed the fourth journey, southwards across central England, from Buxton to London. See more » Michael Portillo : In 1840, one man transformed travel in Britain.

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