How much does it cost to neuter a rabbit in NJ?

How much does it cost to neuter a rabbit in NJ?

The cost… A neuter certificate is $100 and a spay certificate is $130. If you have researched spay/neuter surgeries for rabbits you know a neuter can cost $300 – $500 and a spay can be $500 – $850.

How much is it to get my bunny spayed neutered?

You can spay a female rabbit as early as four months and costs for this process vary widely, with some being as little as $75 or as much as several hundred dollars. According to the Rabbit House Society, the average cost to spay or neuter your rabbit is $250.

How much does spaying a rabbit cost?

This procedure can make them less temperamental (very important if they’re going to be owned by children) and it decreases the risk of many illnesses and cancers. This is a one-off procedure, and most vets will charge between $100 – $300.

Can I neuter my rabbit at 2 years old?

When is a rabbit too old to be spayed or neutered? It is always a good idea, in a rabbit over 2 years of age, to have a very thorough health check done, including full blood work. This may be more expensive than the surgery, but it will help detect any condition that could make the surgery more risky.

Can You spay and neuter rabbits in New Jersey?

NJHRS is pleased to offer this lower-cost spay/neuter certificate program for rabbits—the only one of it’s kind in New Jersey. If you are reading this, you are a responsible rabbit parent who knows the benefits of spaying and neutering rabbits, even if you have only one rabbit and pregnancy is not an issue. Congratulations!

What is the success rate of spaying and neutering rabbits?

90% success is way too low. Every doctor, whether for animals or humans will occasionally lose a patient, usually because of an undiagnosed problem. Veterinarians across the country who spay and neuter rabbits for the House Rabbit Society have lost on average less than 1/2 of 1%.

When to contact South Jersey regional spay and neuter clinic?

If you KNOW your animal has a medical condition that will require additional surgical care please contact our reception desk PRIOR to completing the form below, so that they may (when possible) quote you what additional fees you will need to provide.

How much does it cost to get a rabbit neutered?

The low end of the range can be as inexpensive as $50-75 (often in spay/neuter clinics), while vets in major metropolitan areas, where rents and labor costs are very high, often charge several hundred dollars. The average around the country is about $250. How can I find a veterinarian that can do the surgery safely? See our veterinary listings.

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