How much is a key fob at Anytime Fitness?

How much is a key fob at Anytime Fitness?

Why does a key fob cost $70! So word of warning when buying a membership if they say anything like that make sure it’s written on the contract as it may conveniently not be written on their file notes! Won’t be using AF again in Oz or anywhere else.

Can you track Anytime Fitness key fob?

Locate your AF Key Fob: If you use our mobile app on your Android or iOS device, you can log in using the same username and password.

Does Anytime Fitness offer discounts?

We do! Our community is our priority and we are happy to offer student, senior and military discounts as well as insurance discounts. However, it is up to each location to opt-in to offer the discount. It’s always best to check with your local club directly to learn what discounts are available near you.

Is Anytime Fitness key refundable?

3.2 If you cancel your Membership under clause 3.1, we will charge you the Fob Key Fee and fees for any services or products already supplied but the Joining Fee and Membership Fees will be refunded. 4.1 For safety and security reasons you must be at least 18 years old to become a Member.

What key fob means?

A key fob is the small handheld remote control device that controls a remote keyless entry system. When you press the button on your keys and hear the comforting chirp of your car’s unlocking mechanism, you can thank the humble but mighty key fob.

Can I use my phone to get into Anytime Fitness?

Fuel your confidence with the Anytime Fitness App. Available exclusively to Anytime Fitness members, the app allows you to access your coach, training schedules, and customized workout plans.

Can you negotiate with Anytime Fitness?

Even though a lot of fitness centers are chains, their negotiating abilities may vary from one location to another. The national chain Anytime Fitness is a franchised gym. Some fitness centers refuse to budge on membership fees, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a few freebies out of the deal.

How much is Anytime Fitness weekly?

A membership at Anytime Fitness will cost you between $14.98 and $20.95 per week, with prices depending on location and how long you sign up for.

What is Anytime Fitness cancellation policy?

(a) A Cancellation Fee is payable if you want to cancel your Membership for your convenience in the Minimum Term. It is an amount equal to 50% of the balance of your Membership Fees for remainder of the Minimum Term or a sum equal to 30 days Membership Fees (whatever is the higher).

What happens if you don’t pay Anytime Fitness?

“If you refuse to pay (or never answer a request for payment), the gym will probably cancel your membership. It is unlikely that the gym itself will go through the trouble of suing you for the balance.” Hey that sounds easy, but unfortunately: “They will sell your balance to a debt collector.

What equipment does Anytime Fitness use?

Free Weights. Anytime Fitness offers essential pieces of equipment for strength training, such as dumbbells, Olympic plates, Olympic bars and preloaded barbells. The free weight area at Anytime Fitness is organized with adjustable benches and dumbbell racks to allow for a variety of exercises, including biceps curls, shoulder press,…

Where are Anytime Fitness locations?

With over one thousand centers all over the USA and over three hundred across the globe, Anytime Fitness manages to offer great workout space and personal attention to every customer. Anytime Fitness is located in Florence on 1601 Darby Drive and is opened 24/7.

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