How much is a Victrola worth?

How much is a Victrola worth?

Most Victrola (internal horn) models are still quite commonly found at estate sales and on EBay, with the average selling price in the $50 to $200 range for typical “attic-stored” machines.

How much are old Victrola records worth?

A “valuable record” can range anywhere from $500 to $3000. Anything over $3000 and we’re migrating more towards the “rare” albums which are valuable because of unique characteristics (see the above section)

How can I tell how old my Victrola is?

You may find a paper license sticker located on the back, the bottom or on an inside wall or underneath your Victor or Victrola photograph, depending on model (picture on right). This sticker has a veritable plethora of patent and copyright dates printed all over it.

Will a Victrola ruin records?

Cheap Victrola record players that are used properly should not damage your records beyond just shortening their lifespan a bit. Eventually this will cause the record to wear out and could also cause the grooves to become extremely damaged if the record skips a lot.

What model is my Victrola record?

In order to view some plates, the turntable should first be lifted straight up and then off the motorboard. Each dataplate has a serial number found on the right and a model identification that is stamped on the left. Each model comes with a unique serialization.

Where is Victrola made?

The Victor Talking Machine Company was an American record company and phonograph manufacturer headquartered in Camden, New Jersey….

Victor Talking Machine Company
“His Master’s Voice” logo with Nipper
Founded 1901
Founder Eldridge R. Johnson, Leon F. Douglass

Why is Victrola bad?

The reason that the Victrola (and other) cheap record players shorten the lifespan of the records that they play is because the tonearm is typically heavier than one would be on a more expensive player which in turn means that the record grooves become a little bit deeper with each play on the cheap player.

What was the serial number of the Victrola?

1917 XX-IX VICTOR VICTROLA PLAYER, STAND 1917 XX-IX VICTOR VICTROLA PLAYER, STAND & RECORDS: Serial number dates to 1917, tabletop model with original stand and approx 48 records. Turntable spins, VICTROLA DISC PHONOGRAPH, “Credenza” model VICTROLA DISC PHONOGRAPH, “Credenza” model 8-30 serial #17862, c. 1925-28.

How long did it take to build a 1920 Victrola?

Built by Adelard Roy of Lewiston and Durham, Maine. It took 13 years and contains 44,300 pieces of wood 1920 MAHOGANY VICTOR VICTROLA VV XI: Circa 1920 MAHOGANY VICTOR VICTROLA VV XI: Circa 1920 Victor Victrola in the VV XI mahogany floor model case.

What kind of music can you play on a Victrola 50?

The Victrola 50s retro style record player takes you back in time – with its trendsetting retro looks combined with modern technology. Perfect for vinyl lovers, the 50’s Retro Turntable features a 3-speed phono, a CD Player, and an AM/FM radio. With built-in Bluetooth, you can now stream music from your tablet, smartphone or MP3 using Bluetooth.

How big is the case of a Victrola?

Floor model Victrola in a mahogany case includes thirty seven various records 43.5”h. Edison Victrola American. A Victrola in an Edison Victrola American.

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