How much plastic does Nigeria produce?

How much plastic does Nigeria produce?

In 2015, the production volume of plastic in Nigeria reached around 411,000 tons. This figure is expected to increase to some 513,000 tons of plastic by 2020.

How much plastic waste does Nigeria produce each year?

In 2018, Nigeria, which is the largest economy on the African continent, was estimated to have discharged around 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste into the ocean per year, while its annual plastics production is projected to grow to 523,000 tonnes by 2022.

Does Nigeria import plastic waste?

Approximately 14,200,000 tons of plastics in primary form were imported into Nigeria between 1996–2014. Approximately 3,420,000 tons total plastic were imported in the form of products and approximately 5,545,700 tons were imported as product components.

How do I start a plastic recycling business in Nigeria?

Steps To Start Recycling Business

  1. Step One: Find A Niche.
  2. Step Two: Create A Budget.
  3. Step Three: Create A Business Plan.
  4. Step Four: Get Capital For Your Recycling Business.
  5. Step Five: Register Your Business With CAC.
  6. Step Six: Obtain The Needed Permits And Licenses.
  7. Step Seven: Acquire The Relevant Equipments/Machines.

How many plastic bottles are in a tonne?

Recycling just 2 tons (36,000 16-ounce plastic bottles = 1 ton) of plastic bottles saves almost four barrels of oil. Across the globe, we throw away more than 1 million plastic bottles a minute!

How plastic waste is recycled?

The traditional recycling method involves melting plastics and processing them into new plastic products. After recyclers melt the plastic, they make them into new products through a process called injection molding.

What is plastic waste generation?

The total municipal solid waste generation is 55-65 million tonnes; plastic waste is approximately 5-6 per cent of the total solid waste generated in the country. It reported that close to 25,940 TPD (approximately 9.4 million tonnes per annum) of plastic waste was generated in the country.

How profitable is plastic recycling business in Nigeria?

If after sorting, you bale or grind, you could be paid between 65 to 75 Naira per kg. This would mean you’d make about 25,000 Naira ($83.4) more in profit per each ton (1000kg), than when you simply collect and sort. If you handle your expenses well, you could earn more than 25,000 Naira ($83.4) per ton in profit.

How much is a kg of plastic waste in Nigeria?

Plastic waste (predominantly PET) represents the most popular recyclables in the country. The typical prices directly from the collectors ranges from NGN20-NGN35 ($0.05 – $0.10) per kg. However, this price could range between NGN60-NGN100 ($0.16- $0.28) in the secondary market, depending on their cleanliness.

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