How often can you do a 15 TCA peel?

How often can you do a 15 TCA peel?


Strength of acid Layers applied How often to apply
15% = 1 part TCA + 1 part Water 1-2 layers Apply no more than 1x every 3-4 weeks.
3-5 layers Apply no more than 1x every 4-7 weeks.
20% = 2 parts TCA + 1 part Water 1-2 layers Apply no more than 1x every 3-5 weeks.
3-5 layers Apply no more than 1x every 4-7 weeks.

Is 15 percent TCA peel strong?

The 15 percent TCA Peel is also a powerful and effective way to reduce oil and resulting acne or blackheads. Reduce fine lines and mild scarring, brighten dull skin, remove oil, treat acne and more.

What can TCA be used for?

A TCA peel is a noninvasive skin treatment used to treat skin discolorations, scarring, and wrinkles. These peels get their name from trichloroacetic acid (TCA), which is used to clear away dead skin cells to reveal the newer and smoother skin layers below.

Is TCA stronger than glycolic?

Since the TCA peels exfoliate deeper into the dermis than a salicylic acid or glycolic acid peel, they have more potent and longer lasting results. That is why a TCA is typically used for quick treatment of a bad scar or freckles, and to lighten tattoos.

Can TCA tighten skin?

TCA benefits Stimulates collagen and elastin production for firmer, softer, suppler skin. Make skin clearer, smoother, and more even in tone. Improve acne scars and clears pores to prevent acne breakouts.

Do you wash off TCA?

Dab the TCA solution on with a cotton ball. After 4 minutes, or if the burning becomes intense, rinse with cool water.

Do TCA peels build collagen?

Do chemical peels build collagen in the skin? The answer is yes, but not much. The very superficial peels just refresh the outer layer, the epidermis. Medium to deeper peels will generally build a little collagen in the superficial dermis where the collagen, living cells, etc.

What does 15 percent TCA mean in peels?

Anti-Aging 15% TCA Chemical Peel. WHAT IS IT: TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid. This acid is the strongest we carry. This peel ships to you in a 30ml (1fl oz) glass amber bottle. This amount will provide 8-10 full face peels. This is a 1.5 pH medium-level peel designed for experienced users.

How long does it take for a TCA Peel to work?

“The strength of TCA depends on what condition is being treated,” says Dr. Klein. Medium and deep peels, including those that involve TCA, usually require a week or two of downtime as the old skin peels off. What are TCA peels used for?

Can you use a TCA Peel on dark skin?

Very dark skinned individuals may use the TCA formulation, but it will not remove spotting in the skin. You should not have a chemical peel if you will continue to have excessive sun exposure. Active Herpes Simplex (have a doctor prescribe Zovirax for you), Warts, history of Keloidal scarring, any type of recent facial surgical procedures.

How to heal pink skin after TCA 15%?

Day 5 Mostly peeled little spots of flaking left, pink skin should be healed soon but to help I am eating a lot of vitamin c fruits oranges and grapefruit, happy so far will have to see if I get my optimal results when healed.

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