How reliable is a Peugeot 207 CC?

How reliable is a Peugeot 207 CC?

Reliability and Safety The 207 CC has a much better reliability record than the 206 CC it replaced – it’s more solidly put together than Peugeot’s first attempt at a modern coupe-cabrio – although owners have still reported electric problems with the later car.

Is a Peugeot 207 convertible a good car?

The Peugeot 207 CC replaced the Peugeot 206 CC and addresses many of that car’s flaws. The newer car offers a good balance between a sporty drive and a comfortable ride, while build quality also feels much improved. An appealing range of engines is offered, including a turbocharged petrol and a fuel-efficient diesel.

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Two main pressure measurements are used for car tyres – BAR and PSI….BAR to PSI conversion table.

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What kind of car is the Peugeot 207 CC?

Peugeot’s success with the 206 CC and the larger 307 CC had tempted other manufacturers into the fray and the 207 CC had the likes of Vauxhall’s Tigra, the Mitsubishi Colt CZC and the Nissan Micra C+C sniping at it.

How much does it cost to insure a Peugeot 207?

16 – 24 How much is it to insure? The 207 CC is a stylish and well equipped small convertible that won’t leave you cold in the winter. It uses a fully automatic metal folding roof with no levers or catches to release, so at the push of a button it’s a convertible 25 seconds later.

When did the Peugeot 206 CC come out?

Before the Peugeot 206 CC appeared back in 2001, the folding hard top convertible was strictly the province of luxury cars, usually with a three-pointed star on the bonnet.

What’s the peak torque of a Peugeot 207?

The THP (turbo high pressure) configuration features a beefy peak torque figure of 177lb/ft from only 1,400rpm. The twin scroll turbo and variable valve timing system combines with direct injection to offer a decent compromise between performance and fuel economy.

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