How to join marine Rescue?

How to join marine Rescue?

Probationary Membership

  1. Complete MRNSW Induction Training (1 day course)
  2. Assist with fundraising as requested.
  3. Obtain a Marine Radio Certificate of Proficiency (1 day course)
  4. Obtain first aid & advanced resuscitation certification (2 day course)
  5. Obtain a boat licence.
  6. Sea survival training (1 day)

Is marine Rescue FREE?

It’s the only App that connects you directly to Marine Rescue NSW. The MarineRescue App is free to download and use. It is suitable for both Apple and Android mobile devices. The App also offers you an extra live safety tracking option, automatically updating your position every 30 minutes so we can track your journey.

What is volunteer marine rescue?

Marine Rescue NSW saves lives on the water, providing 24-hour emergency response, returning thousands of boaters in trouble safely to shore every year. It is a service provided entirely by volunteers. “There is no such thing as a typical day volunteering for Marine Rescue. …

How do you call VMR?

In non-emergent situations – VMR Southport should be contacted by telephone first on Ph. (07) 5591 1300.

How do you use the Marine Rescue app?

To Log On, call your Marine Rescue NSW base on VHF Channel 16 or use the free MarineRescue App. You can download the App at the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Androids. You can always Log On, whether you’re out for a morning’s fishing, a day trip around your local area or cruising along the coastline.

What is the role of Marine Rescue NSW?

Our volunteers are professionally trained and resourced for our mission of saving lives on the water, operating as a coordinated team, each in their own specific roles, to protect and assist the boating community.

How do I check in a marine rescue?

What is my MMSI number?

Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) is a unique 9 digit number that is assigned to a (Digital Selective Calling) DSC radio or an AIS unit. Similar to a cell phone number, your MMSI number is your unique calling number for DSC radios or an AIS unit. MMSI numbers are free for BoatUS Members or $25 for non-Members.

Can VHF talk to 27MHz?

VHF users must have a Marine Radio Operator’s VHF Certificate of Proficiency (MROVCP) or the Marine Radio Operators certificate of Proficiency (MROCP) that covers both medium and high-frequency radios. 27MHz has a very limited range of around 10-15 nautical miles and is usually limited to “line of sight”.

Is Marine Rescue and Emergency Service?

Marine Rescue NSW is a modern emergency service whose history stretches back much further than its establishment in 2009. Marine Rescue NSW was formally established on July 1, 2009 and the members took to the water and the airwaves as a new, unified service on January 1, 2010.

What does marine rescue do in Hervey Bay?

Marine Rescue Hervey Bay is a 100% Volunteer Organisation, dedicated to the preservation of life at sea. We provide radio services to vessels (monitor emergency channels, log vessels on/off, weather broadcasts) and assist with vessel breakdowns for distressed and disabled vessels.

How to contact VMR Hervey Bay QLD, saving lives at sea?

DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO BE RESCUED. call 07 4128 9666 or 18 000 RESCUE. I wish to know more about… * If you cannot read the captcha image above, just click the button.

What are the radio frequencies in Hervey Bay?

We strongly recommend that all boat operators log on with our Radio Room whenever they go out on the water. Trained Radio Operators monitor VHF channels 16, 67, 73 (local area) and 22 (north of Fairway Beacon), as well as 27 MHz channels 88 and 91.

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