Is Algol evil SoulCalibur?

Is Algol evil SoulCalibur?

Algol (Japanese: アルゴル, Arugoru) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games and the main antagonist of Soulcalibur IV. He can be played like other standard characters, but must be unlocked by defeating him in Story Mode.

Is Soul Calibur connected to Tekken?

For Bandai-Namco, their staple fighting game series Tekken – the modern civil war within the Mishima bloodline – and SoulCalibur – the ancient war between two mystical swords – are bridged together mainly by one name: Yoshimitsu, the Cyborg Robin Hood. Yoshimitsu was at the ground floor, appearing in 1994’s Tekken.

Why is Yoshimitsu in both Tekken and Soul Calibur?

When then-Tekken publisher Namco (now Bandai-Namco) grew its other fighting franchise, SoulEdge, into SoulCalibur, the company decided to make the logical crossover happen, bringing Yoshimitsu into the world of the newly rebranded weapon-based fighter. Ever since, Yoshimitsu has been a consistent figure in both series.

Is Yoshimitsu originally from Tekken or Soul Calibur?

Yoshimitsu (吉光) is a name used by several player characters in the Tekken and Soulcalibur series of fighting games by Namco….

Origin Manji Clan, Sengoku Japan (Soulcalibur) Manji Clan, Heisei Japan (Tekken)
Nationality Japanese

What kind of skill does Algol have in Soul Calibur?

Algol possess high fighting skill with his replica Soul Edge & Soul Calibur, being able to fight on par with Mitsurugi, and he also has skill with Zweihanders like Soul Edge (Nauplius). Even unarmed, he was also capable of defeating Arcturus (wielding Soul Edge), and was able to break the sword with his bare hands.

Which is better Soul Calibur 6 or Tekken 7?

On top of that Tekken 7 has a very barebones Singeplayer, while Soul Calibur 6 easily has more to offer with several “Story Modes” for both existing and your own created character. Tekken 7 has its focus clearly on Ranked Multiplayer (which can become a frustrating grind very quickly) and Tournaments.

What did ALGOL do with his Soul Edge?

Algol, also known as “The Hero King,” was able to obtain Soul Edge, and with his indomitable will, he resisted the sword’s control. According to the legend, he used the sword to spread peace among the lands, building the Tower of Glory as a monument to his reign.

Why was ALGOL forced to kill his son?

Algol is a serious and honorable individual, he holds a deep hatred of those who created the demonic sword, Soul Edge. Since the sword was responsible for cursing the soul of his son, Arcturus, Algol was forced to kill his son.

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