Is American Tactical 1911 a good gun?

Is American Tactical 1911 a good gun?

Conclusion. The ATI FX 1911 is unquestionably an entry-level handgun. Shooters looking to add upgraded sights, safeties, and triggers are likely to find that other 1911s make better starting points.

Where are American tactical firearms made?

American Tactical Inc. American Tactical is a firearms manufacturer and importer based out of Summerville, SC. We pride ourselves on distributing firearms at a competitive price while still manufacturing them in the USA. Not only are our prices competitive, the products that we distribute are of the highest quality.

How much is a GSG 1911 22?

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PRICE $279.99
Barrel Length 5in
Finish OD Green
Grips Checkered Walnut
Sights Low Profile Fixed Rear & 3 Height Front Sights

How much is a 1911 in America?

1911 Producers

1911 Model Price Range What We Like
Metro Arms American Classic II 1911 UNDER $700 Great 2nd Choice
Springfield Armory Mil-Spec $700-$1000 An American Classic
Ruger SR1911 $700-$1000 Great for Beginners
Colt Delta Elite $1000-$1500 Great Price for Reliability/Power

Are American Tactical AR 15 any good?

This is a great load for personal and home protection because it delivers massive tissue damage and limits overpenetration concerns. I’ve also found it to be accurate in every 5.56mm NATO rifle I’ve tested it in. The AT Omni Hybrid was no exception.

Who is American tactical owned by?

Tony DiChario
“This move to South Carolina will help ensure a solid foundation for our company,” says Tony DiChario, president and founder of American Tactical Imports.

Is American Tactical Imports a good gun?

ATI will most likely have to gain your trust. If you get a chance, fire some of their weapons. Depending on your wants and needs, it could very well be that ATI is great for you. Their prices are indeed rock-bottom (comparatively), and thankfully, their cheaper guns are not always cheaply made.

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